M-Audio intros new content creator BX series studio speakers with Bluetooth from $129 a pair

BX3BT and BX4BT Bluetooth studio speakers

M-Audio is introducing some additions to its monitor lineup with the BX3BT and BX4BT Bluetooth studio speakers. The brand is well known in the content creation and home studio world for its generally affordable solutions. and it has now upgraded its previous-generation BX series monitors with an updated feature set, Kevlar woofers, and wireless audio streaming over Bluetooth. Both the BX3BT and BX4BT models are now available for purchase, and you’ll find all of the details down below. 

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M-Audio unveils Hammer 88 Pro keyboard for Mac with OLED display, but it’s going to cost you

M-Audio is unveiling its new weighted keyboard controller known as the Hammer 88 Pro. As the name suggests, it is the pro-version follow-up to its already feature-rich Hammer 88 model with a focus on “musicians everywhere that want real piano feel.” It combines a real piano-feel key bed with what M-Audio refers to as auto-mapping and an OLED display. Anyone looking to bring a hardcore MIDI controller home for their Mac and recording setup will want to take a closer look here. More details below. 

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Start your podcast with M-Audio’s new Mac/iOS audio interfaces from just $49

Today, we are looking at two of the most affordable audio interfaces on the market with the latest from M-Audio. A brand well-known in the music production space for gear ranging from mid-tier speakers and keyboards to some of the best and most affordable options for beginners, M-Audio’s new Mac, PC, and iOS-compatible interfaces start at just $49. Hit the fold for a closer look. 

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