mac bundle Stories November 18, 2015

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If you are in the mood for deals, the Black Friday Mac Bundle should catch your eye. It offers ten premium productivity apps (worth $533) for $34.99 via 9to5Toys Specials, just enter coupon code “9TO5BFMB” at checkout to drop the price.

The lineup includes big names and little gems. DaisyDisk lets you identify which files are causing clutter, while the award-winning Drive Genius 4 helps you maintain and repair your system. The combination of PDF Pen 7 and Prizmo 3 allows you to author and scan documents with minimal fuss, and BusyContacts (from the team behind BusyCal) is a great little address book app. In terms of media, AfterShot Pro 2 offers high quality RAW conversion and photo editing, while MotionComposer is great for creating interactive HTML5 and Flash content for the web. Mixtape Pro is a powerful audio workstation, and MacX DVD Ripper can make your movies more accessible. Finally, Dropzone 3 offers quick drag-and-drop access to the folders and actions you use regularly.

To grab the deal, head for 9to5Toys Specials and save yourself 92% on this sweet setup — and get an extra $5 off with the exclusive coupon code “9TO5BFMB”.

Into other Bundles? Check out the MacHeist $15 Hall of Fame Bundle and the $20 BundleHunt 10/30 bundle.

mac bundle Stories October 7, 2015

Introducing the Big Mac Bundle at 9to5Toys Specials for $18.

The lineup includes some big names, such as the website design studio, RapidWeaver, and the personal scrapbook that is Ember. Voila is also well known as a screen capture tool, while Kinemac lets you create 3D animations in real time. You get an affordable alternative to Adobe Illustrator in Candy Apple, and Picture Collage Maker provides what its name implies. The ability to schedule the sending of emails comes courtesy of SendLater, while Leawo Blu-ray Ripper lets you bring HD movies onto your hard drive. Then there are the killer utilities: Deliver Express lets you set up hot folders, MacPilot provides easy access to OS X’s hidden features, Concealer allows you to protect sensitive files with passwords and encryption, MacBooster is all about optimization, and WiFi Radar Pro lets you troubleshoot network issues.

In total, it is $802-worth of high-quality OS X apps. The bundle takes 97% off the price, with instant access.

mac bundle Stories September 16, 2015

expiredThe Mega Mac 2015 Bundle, 15 solid Apps including MacBooster 2, Disk Drill Pro & More: $25 (Orig. $564)

The easiest way to give your Apple machine a productivity-enhancing makeover is with the Mega Mac 2015 Bundle. It includes 15 great apps, and 9to5Toys Specials has it for $25, use coupon code 9to5bundle at checkout to receive an additional $5 off.

The quality in this bundle is superb, with apps such as Autodesk’s photo editor Pixlr Pro, and data recovery app Disk Drill Pro, leading the way. Sticky Password stores your logins securely, and Spotdox offers remote access to documents on your Mac. There is more photography styling available through HDR Darkroom and Deep Dreamer, while Fetching saves your browser history to create a searchable library of visited sites. You can also tackle your inbox with Kiwi for Gmail and Email Archiver Pro, upgrade from TextEdit with FoldingText, and get the latest news on your desktop via Breaking for Mac. Commander One PRO offers fast app switching, and Macbooster keeps your Mac running smoothly, while My Net and PrivacyScan maintain security.

mac bundle Stories August 26, 2015

You can never have too many high quality apps, and the Supercharge Your Mac Bundle offers nine of the best for $40 at 9to5Toys Specials.

Between them, these apps cover website building, photo editing, task management, file organization, and plenty more. All of them are highly rated, and they take advantage of 64-bit architecture to complete tasks at speed. Here is the full line-up:

  • Flux V5.5 ($109) – create beautiful HTML5 without code
  • Pagico ($50) – task management with note keeping, contact organization, and more
  • DeltaWalker Pro ($59.99) – save space and stay organized by deleting duplicates, merging files, and syncing folders
  • Emulsion ($49.99) – manage photos and edit with advanced tools, e.g. filters, spot healing
  • SpotDox Pro 3-year subscription ($72) – access files on your Mac remotely from any device
  • HydraPro ($99) – control contrast with realistic HDR image processing
  • MotionComposer ($29) – design interactive animations for desktop and mobile devices
  • PulpMotion ($49) – elegant drag-and-drop slideshows from videos and photos
  • DiscLabel ($36): easily create pro-quality CD/DVD labels

In total, these apps would normally cost $554, so this bundle takes 92% off. You also get instant access, so you can start downloading your way to a better Mac straight away.

mac bundle Stories August 6, 2015


Investing in great efficiency apps is a guaranteed way to improve your workflow. Right now, you can pay what you want for ten of the best productivity-enhancing apps around, with the Mac Power User Bundle at 9to5Toys Specials.

The bundle combines big-name utilities and little gems to help you get things done. The highlights include Stuffit Deluxe, RapidWeaver, CrossOver and BusyCal, all names that have built up loyal fanbases over the years. The less well-known apps are all high quality, too. WALTR caused a splash by making it easy to convert media into iOS-compatible formats. Scapple is a nice mind-mapping tool, and you get a one-year subscription to RoboForm password manager. In total, it is $383 worth of premium apps.

  • Screens ($29.99) – user-friendly VNC for securely accessing your desktop from anywhere
  • Find Any File ($7.99) – drill down to files faster than with Spotlight
  • StuffIt Deluxe 16 for Mac ($49.99) – simple file compression with advanced options
  • RapidWeaver 6 ($89.99) – build beautiful, highly customizable websites with or without code
  • CrossOver 14 Mac ($59.95) – run Windows programs (incl. games) in a window on your Mac
  • BusyCal ($49.99) – calendar app with smart filters, live forecasts, and to-do items
  • WinZip 4 Mac ($29.95) – lightweight file minimizer
  • WALTR ($29.95) – drag-and-drop video/audio conversion to iOS-playable formats
  • RoboForm Everywhere: 1-Year Subscription ($19.95) – cross-platform password manager
  • Scapple ($14.99) – full-featured mind-mapping tool

To grab the deal, pay what you want for the first two apps; beat the average price paid to unlock the full bundle.

mac bundle Stories June 29, 2015

expiredLast Chance To Get The Summer Mac Essentials Bundle: $20 (Orig. $234)

9to5Toys Specials currently has the Summer Mac Essentials Bundle for $20. This is your last chance to pick up these ten great apps at a special low price.

With Apple starting to focus on stability and speed in OS X rather than new features, this bundle of apps is a great way to upgrade your Mac. It includes Unibox, a fresh email client to help prioritize contacts, and iStat Menus 5 for a greater understanding of operations under the hood of your machine. Noiseless is a photo-editor’s dream, while Notebook 4 lets you record your thoughts in multiple formats, and Hider 2 gives your files password protection. Instant messaging is covered by Chatology, and you get four other great utilities (Beamer 2, Jump Desktop, App Tamer 2, and iMazing File Transfer Made Easy).

Here is a look at the whole bundle:

  • Unibox ($19.99) — a fresh email client that puts contacts first
  • Noiseless ($17.99) — easily remove the grain from your photos
  • Hider 2 ($19.99) — protect your files with passwords and encryption
  • NoteBook 4 ($49.95) — create and share notes in multiple formats, including mind maps
  • App Tamer 2 ($14.95) — pause background apps to save battery and improve CPU usage
  • iStat Menus 5 ($16) — an in-depth look at what is going on inside your machine
  • Beamer 2 ($15) — stream unsupported HD video formats to your Apple TV via AirPlay
  • Chatology ($19.99) — quickly search your iMessages, texts, and other IM services
  • Jump Desktop ($29.99) — access your Mac remotely from any computer
  • iMazing File Transfer Made Easy ($29.99) — simple iPhone-to-Mac file sharing

This bundle takes 91% off the price you would normally pay.

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