magazine sales Stories June 16, 2016

expiredYou can grab a 1-yr. sub to ESPN magazine w/ digital iPad access at more than 80% off: $4.50 shipped (Reg. $26+)

DiscountMags is once again offering a one year subscription to ESPN magazine with digital access included for $4.50 shipped using code 9TO5TOYS at checkout. Note: this is only for new subscribers, not renewals. That’s $21.50 below the usual DiscountMags sale price and the best price we can find. Even with the $10 Amazon gift card ESPN direct is including with sub purchases, today’s deal is still about $15 better than that. Very rarely does this mag drop lower than $4.50, and those promos almost always require long-term commitments or much more expensive bundles.

This sub comes with digital ESPN Insider access along with the print version:

  • Exclusive blogs by ESPN Insider writers give you insight on all your favorite teams.
  • Know all the rumors ahead of time to get an edge on all of your picks, stats, and playoff predictions.
  • Valuable insights from Karablog, Draft Analyzer, Insider Recommends and more.

As usual, there is no shipping fees, no sales tax and no auto-renewals with DiscountMags.

magazine sales Stories May 31, 2016

Wired and Popular Science Magazine Bundle: 1yr. sub for $8 shipped ($25+ value), more

DiscountMags is now offering Wired and Popular Science Magazine bundled together for just $7.99 shipped using code 9TO5TOYS at checkout. At just $4 each, that’s $1 under our usual sale price and matching the typical bundle or holiday deals. It is also matching the price of our 5 for $20 bundle offer from this past weekend’s Memorial Day sale. Today’s deal is available for both new customers and existing subscribers. The Wired subscription includes digital access.

As always, there is no sales tax, completely free delivery every month and DiscountMags will never auto-renew on you. The bundle can be sent as a gift with a personalized note if you choose and digital access will arrive once the first print edition does.

If the bundle doesn’t interest you, be sure to take a look through Amazon’s Gold Box magazine deals today for more options.

magazine sales Stories May 27, 2016

magazine sales Stories April 22, 2016

expiredMulti-year magazine subs: Bloomberg Businessweek 3-yr $20, National Geographic 2-yr $30, many more

This weekend’s DiscountMags sale is highlighting a number of titles we don’t normally see in the weekly sales, or very often at all for that matter. One standout is certainly the Bloomberg Businessweek 3 year subscription for $19.99 shipped. That’s 162 issues matching the lowest price we have ever tracked outside of a once-a-year holiday bundle sale. We almost never see this one last more than a day (like it will this weekend) and it doesn’t pop up very often otherwise, so be sure to jump on it while you can if you’re interested.

magazine sales Stories March 25, 2016

expiredMulti-year magazine subs w/ titles from under $4.50/yr: Wired, GQ, ESPN, Dwell, Men’s Health, Rolling Stone, many more

DiscountMags has now kicked off this weekend’s magazine promotion offering the most popular titles at deep discounts with multiple year subscriptions. These multi-year deals are a great way to get even lower prices on titles like Wired, Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Popular Science, ESPN, Rolling Stone and many more.

magazine sales Stories March 8, 2016

Update (3/10 11:52am): While the below deals are still live, TopMags is offering a 4 year subscription to Car & Driver magazine for just $15 shipped right now using code 4166 in the cart. That’s $3.75 per year and the lowest total we can find. Unless you would prefer just one year, this is a better value than the below offer on this particular title. Renewals and new subscriptions are eligible.

DiscountMags and 9to5Toys have once again teamed up to offer another exclusive magazine bundle sale. Today, you can grab any 4 magazines in the sale for $16, and prices drop even further when adding a 5th, 6th or 7th title to your bundle. Head below for all the details: expand full story

magazine sales Stories February 17, 2016

expiredMagazine subs from $5/yr: Wired, Forbes, The Atlantic, many more (Reg. $20+/yr)

Amazon is offering up to 85% off + $5 store credit on a number of top magazine titles right now. While we generally suggest going with the DiscountMags offers simply due to price, there are some titles you might not find there in today’s Amazon sale. Outside of that particular offer however, Amazon does have one year subscriptions to Wired magazine with digital access for $5 shipped. We have seen it dip down slightly lower, but those offers are usually special/holiday promos or multi-mag/year deals. This is the current best price we can find

Next up, DiscountMags is currently offering 1 year subscriptions to Forbes magazine for $4.99 using code 9TO5TOYS at checkout. All 24 issues ship completely free to your door and today’s deal can be used to renew existing Forbes subscriptions at a discount.

magazine sales Stories January 28, 2016

Magazine bundle subs from $4.50/yr: Wired, Popular Science, Men’s Health, more

We have lined up a nice magazine bundle deal today courtesy of DiscountMags. You can grab a one year subscription to Wired and Popular Science magazine for just $8.99 with free shipping and no sales tax using code 9TO5TOYS at checkout. Wired regularly sells for around $20/year and Pop Science will run you around $12, bringing you a savings of $24. At $4.50 each per year, this is the lowest total price we can find, and very close to what we saw over the holidays/Black Friday. This is within $0.50 (on each mag) of our previous mention. This deal is available for up to 2 years.

Next up, you can grab a 1 year subscription to Men’s Health and/or Women’s Health magazine for just $4.50 each. Use code 82289 at checkout for the discounted price. These are both the lowest price we can find, and between $0.50 and $1 below our usual sale prices. Both titles include digital access for iPad and more included in the price.

As always, expect free shipping, no sales tax and no auto-renewals. Digital access usually becomes available once your first print edition arrives.

magazine sales Stories January 19, 2016

expiredMulti-year/bundle magazine subs from $2/yr: Wine Enthusiast, Wired, Popular Science, more

DiscountMags is offering a Wired and Popular Science bundle for as low as $7.99 shipped when using code 9TO5TOYS in the cart. You can lock the pricing in for up to two years. Wired regularly goes for $20 per year and Popular Science fetches about $12, bringing you a savings of around $24. At $4 per year each, this is the lowest total price we can find, and comes within cents of the all-time lows we saw over Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Next up, we have a 3 year subscription to Wine Enthusiast magazine for $6 shipped using code 9TO5TOYS at checkout. Note: choose the three year option before adding to the cart on the listing page. That’s $84 below the regular 3 year price, and the best price we can find. At $2 per year, this is by far the lowest price we have seen this mag go for on its own. It tends to go for between $5 and $6 per year in our usual sales.

As always, there are no auto-renewals, no sales tax and no shipping fees. And digital access for Wired will come once the first print edition does.

magazine sales Stories December 29, 2015

expiredEnd-of-Year Magazine Bundles w/ titles from $3.50/yr: Wired, GQ, ESPN, Dwell, Rolling Stone, many more

Today we are launching an exclusive End-of-Year magazine promotion with DiscountMags for one more chance at holiday season pricing. Today’s bundle brings mags like Wired, Popular Science, Dwell, Men’s Fitness, GQ, Rolling Stone, ESPN and more, very close or even lower than Black Friday prices:

magazine sales Stories November 23, 2015

Black Friday Magazine deals from under $4: Rolling Stone, GQ, ESPN, Bon Appetit, more

Update (11/25 11:40am): Today the DiscountMags Black Friday offerings include Rolling Stone magazine and Bon Appetit for $3.89 along with Wine Enthusiast for $3.99. Once again, any of these mags below $5 is very notable, but under $4, grab them while you can as this pricing only happens once a year. The deals on GQ and ESPN are still live and remember, everything in your cart can be sent as gifts to different addresses with personalized notes. 

Update (11/24 11:10am): Today’s Black Friday magazine deals are GQ and ESPN, both with digital iPad access, for $3.79 per year each. Usually these mags dip down to $5 a year or so each in our regular sales, with the odd bundle deal dropping them down even further. But almost never do we see them under $4. GQ can be had for up to three years and ESPN is available for up to 3 years at the discounted rate. No codes are needed and the below Black Friday pricing on Men’s Fitness and Architectural Digest.

As we got a taste of last week, DiscountMags will be offering one-off Black Friday pricing on a number of popular magazines all this week. Each of the deals will only be around for a short time, with more being added to this post daily. By the looks of it, these deals will be some of the lowest prices of the year without requiring multiple year commitments or large bundles.

Today we have two very solid options. First up is a one year subscription to Men’s Fitness magazine for $2.99 with free shipping. From time-to-time we see the popular men’s fitness mag dip down below $5, and even as low as $4, but this is by far the best price we have seen all year without being bundled. By comparison, the same subscription will cost you $20 direct from Men’s Fitness. The discounted price can be had for up to 3 years.

Next is Architectural Digest for $3.89 per year with free shipping and digital access (Kindle Fire, iPad, and Nook). That’s more than $26 under Architectural Digest’s price and the best we can find. Our usual sales almost never bring Architectural Digest below $5, even in the bundle deals and multi-year promotions. So at under $4, this is certainly one of the best prices we have seen.

Remember, all purchases in your cart at DiscountMags can be sent as gifts if you choose. Meaning each mag can be sent to a different address with a personalized gift note.

Notes: No codes required for today’s deals. There is never any shipping fees, auto renewals or sales tax at DiscountMags, and digital access usually arrives once the first print edition does.

magazine sales Stories May 22, 2015

expiredMagazine subs from $3.50/yr: Wired, Maxim, GQ, ESPN, Dwell, Men’s Health, Rolling Stone, Forbes, many more

After seeing a very notable deal on a 3-year subscription (150 issues) to Bloomberg Businessweek magazine this morning for just $20 (Reg. $150), DiscountMags has now started its Memorial Day Blowout sale.

We are seeing a very large selection of the most popular titles including Wired, Rolling Stone, Men’s Health, Dwell, GQ, ESPN, Forbes, Paper and more. Many of which include digital access for iPad along with the traditional print issue. These mags are all matching the lowest single year price we see outside of rare bundle deals and without locking you into more than just one year.

A few standout deals from the bunch include Maxim magazine for just $3.50 a year, for up to 4 years. That’s easily the lowest price we’ve seen outside of once a year holiday prices and without the need to bundle it up with other mags. National Geographic for $30 on a 2 year sub and Men’s Health for $5 a year with digital access are also very notable prices and very rarely come down that low.

As usual, there is no shipping fees, no auto-renewals, and no sales tax. Note: digital access usually arrives once the first print issue does. No codes are required for today’s deals.

magazine sales Stories April 16, 2015

expiredMagazine subs from $4.50/yr: Rolling Stone, Maxim, GQ, Dwell, Runner’s World, more

Today’s magazine deals include Rolling Stone and GQ with digital access, as well as Dwell, Runner’s World and Maxim.

Both Rolling Stone and GQ magazine can be had for $5 each with digital access for iPad and free delivery using code 9TO5TOYS (up to 3 years). Both of which are matching our standard exclusive pricing and represent the lowest current prices available. Only in multi-year/mag and special sales do we see either of them go for less. The same goes for Maxim and Runner’s World at $4.50 and $6 respectively.

More notable magazine deals using code 9TO5TOYS:

As usual, expect no sales tax, delivery fees or auto renewals. These deals only available to those in the US. Note: Digital access comes once the first print edition arrives in most cases.

magazine sales Stories February 17, 2015

expiredMagazine subs from $4.75/yr: Dwell, National Geographic, Rolling Stone, Runner’s World, more

In today’s best magazine subscriptions, we have deals on Rolling Stone magazine, Runner’s World, Dwell, National Geographic and more.

Dwell can be had for $5 for one year with code 9TO5TOYS, but a two year sub drops down to $9.50. That’s $4.75 per year which is about $50 under the newsstand listing, $30 better than the sale price and matching the best price we see outside of rare multi-mag bundle/special deals. Dwell will charge you more than double for a 2 year print sub.

National Geographic w/ digital access for iPad and iPhone included can be had today for $30 on a 2 year sub. Available for both new customers and renewals, that’s $8 under the next best price and the best we’ve seen.

More notable magazine deals using code 9TO5TOYS:

  • Rolling Stone w/ digital 1-yr sub: $5 (Reg. $102 newsstand, $20 sale)
  • Runner’s World 1-yr sub: $6 (Reg. $50, $12 sale)
  • TV Guide 2-yr sub: $20 (Reg. $203, $66 sale)
  • Martha Stewart Living 1-yr sub: $10 (Reg. $60, $20 sale)
  • Taste of Home w/ digital 1-yr sub: $6.25 (Reg. $24, $17 sale)

DiscountMags will not charge sales tax, will not auto renew subscriptions on you, and offers completely free delivery (US only). Note: Digital access comes once the first print edition arrives in most cases.

magazine sales Stories January 14, 2015

expiredOne-year magazine subs from $5: Men’s Health/Fitness, Runner’s World, Fast Company, Pop Photography, more

Today’s magazine subscription deals include a Men’s Health and Fitness bundle, Runner’s World, Fast Company, Popular Photography and Outdoor Photographer.

While all matching the usual all-time lows outside of very limited one-time sales, a one year sub to Men’s Health and Men’s Fitness for $9.99 with free shipping using code 9TO5TOYS in the cart. This particular bundle has gone for $0.50 less, but it is rare to see it that low. Men’s Health typically sells for $7 a year in most sales and today’s is the best current price available.

More notable mag sales using code 9TO5TOYS in the cart below:

  • Runner’s World: 1-yr. sub $6 (Newsstand: $54, Sale: $20)
  • Fast Company: 1-yr. sub $5 (Newsstand: $50, Sale: $12)
  • Popular Photography: 1-yr. sub $5 (Newsstand: $54, Sale: $14)
  • Outdoor Photographer: 1-yr. sub $5 (Newsstand: $40, Sale: $11)

All of the above mags are available at the discounted price for 3 years or more. DiscountMags never charges sales tax, offers free delivery and will not auto renew subscriptions.

magazine sales Stories July 2, 2014

expired1 year magazine subs: Wired + Macworld both w/ digital access for $11.50 shipped (Reg. $42+), more

Today we have a great deal on Macworld and Wired magazine bundle. You can grab a one year subscription to both mags for $11.50 with free shipping and digital access using code 9TO5TOYS. It is available for up to 2 years at the discounted pricing.

Adding both mags together, that’s $114.50 off the newsstand price and $30.50 off the already deep sale price. Considering our usual best deal on Wired with digital access is $5, today’s deal essentially brings the price of Macworld down to $6.50. That’s $1 under our regular exclusive sale price and matching the lowest we’ve ever seen the mag go for (which was special sale pricing during Macworld 2014).

Both mags include digital access to iPad and other devices. For complete details on how to redeem to your digital subscription head over to the Macworld and Wired listing pages and hit the digital access button. Both mags will basically become available to you digitally once the first print copy comes.

You can also grab a one year sub to Car & Driver for $5 using code 9TO5TOYS (Reg. $49 newsstand, $12 sale). DiscountMags offers free delivery, no sales tax, and no auto renewals.

magazine sales Stories August 20, 2013

1-Year subscription to Entrepreneur magazine for $4.40 (Reg. $60)

DiscountMags has a one-year subscription to Entrepreneur magazine for just $4.40 when you use code “SLICKDEALS.” That’s more than $55 off the newsstand price. It’s available for up to 4 years at the discounted price. DiscountMags continues to offer free shipping, no sales tax anywhere and subscriptions are never subject to automatic renewals. For more  digital mags, Zinio tends to have some great offers.

One-year subscription to Entrepreneur magazine: $4.40 (Reg. $60)

Entrepreneur is the leading authority in small business news. Each issue is packed with advice from experts, business opportunities, advertising tips, and inspiring stories from successful people. This magazine subscription will show you how to create a name for your business, offer guidance on being an expert manager, help you with internet questions, and more.

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