magazine subs Stories April 22, 2016

expiredAmazon Gold Box – Magazine Subscriptions from $5: Sports Illustrated, Time, more

Today only, as a part of its Gold Box Deals of the Day, Amazon is offering a handful of magazine subscriptions with prices starting at $5. All of the options in today’s sale are for six-month commitments that will automatically renew when your initial term concludes.

Our top-pick is Sports Illustrated for $5, which is down from its list price of $134. For comparison, this is a match of our previous mention for a year subscription and the best available.

magazine subs Stories January 19, 2016

expiredMulti-year/bundle magazine subs from $2/yr: Wine Enthusiast, Wired, Popular Science, more

DiscountMags is offering a Wired and Popular Science bundle for as low as $7.99 shipped when using code 9TO5TOYS in the cart. You can lock the pricing in for up to two years. Wired regularly goes for $20 per year and Popular Science fetches about $12, bringing you a savings of around $24. At $4 per year each, this is the lowest total price we can find, and comes within cents of the all-time lows we saw over Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Next up, we have a 3 year subscription to Wine Enthusiast magazine for $6 shipped using code 9TO5TOYS at checkout. Note: choose the three year option before adding to the cart on the listing page. That’s $84 below the regular 3 year price, and the best price we can find. At $2 per year, this is by far the lowest price we have seen this mag go for on its own. It tends to go for between $5 and $6 per year in our usual sales.

As always, there are no auto-renewals, no sales tax and no shipping fees. And digital access for Wired will come once the first print edition does.

magazine subs Stories September 11, 2015

expiredTwo-year magazine subs from $3.50/yr: Maxim, Wired, ESPN, GQ, Dwell, Popular Science, Rolling Stone, many more

DiscountMags is having another notable sale all weekend long, offering many of the most popular titles well under the usual deal price. Now last weekend we were at $20 for 5 subscriptions, but you were forced into a bundle of mags to get the ultra low price. This weekend you can zero in on the exact mags that you’re interested in and still beat out our exclusive deal prices by $0.50 or more.

Titles like Wired, GQ, Rolling Stone, Dwell, ESPN, Popular Science and more rarely dip below $5 a year without bringing bundled or in some holiday sale. But today you can pickup a two year subscription to anyone of these mags for $9.50 with free shipping to your front door. As we mentioned above, we only see titles like this dip down to $4.75 in special sales, so jump on these if you’re interested.

Another particularly notable deal in the sale is the two year sub to Maxim for $6.99 shipped. At $3.50 a year, you can’t go wrong here. Only during the holidays and the odd one-off sale does Maxim ever dip this low.

Remember, all of these mags can be given as gifts with a specialized/custom note. Every mag you purchases can be sent to an address of your choice.

As usual, expect free shipping, no auto-renewals and no sales tax. Note: digital access comes when the first print edition does, in most cases. These deal are only available to those inside the US.

magazine subs Stories August 29, 2015

expiredMagazine subs from $4.70/yr: Popular Science, Wired, GQ, Rolling Stone, Golf Digest, Nat Geo, many more

The DiscountMags Rock Bottom sale is in full effect for this weekend. While last weekend’s multi-year sale yielded some pretty amazing deals on the most popular mags, many of the same titles are at very notable prices without locking you into to more than one year this weekend.

There are tons of great deals here across the board, but you’ll want to zero in on the heavy hitters that dip below $5 a year: Wired, GQ, Golf Digest, Bon Appetit, Rolling Stone and Popular Science. Very rarely do we see these mags go for as low as $4.70 and $4.80 per year without forcing you into multi-mag bundles or multiple year subscriptions.

Other notable deals in today’s sale include National Geographic for $30 on a two year sub (matching the lowest we’ve seen), and Men’s Journal for $4.50 on a one year sub. Maxim does come down to as low as $3 from time to time.

As always, you get free shipping (in the US), no sales tax, and no auto-renewals. Digital access is available once the first print edition arrives, in most cases.

magazine subs Stories July 17, 2015

expiredMagazine subs from $3.25/yr: Wired, Maxim, GQ, ESPN, Dwell, Rolling Stone, Men’s Health, many more

Update (7/19 8:50am): Today only, as part of its Gold Box Deals of the Day, Amazon is running a $5 magazine sale. While it is certainly worth checking out the below DiscountMags sale first, we are seeing some notable prices on Popular Science, Travel + Leisure, Popular Photography and more at $5 a year. Mags like Popular Science regularly go for about $12 a year. Keep in mind, Amazon WILL  auto-renew on you unlike DiscountMags, so keep a close eye on your subscription when the year ends.

This weekend’s DiscountMags sale has now kicked off and we are seeing a number of notable deals on the most popular titles. Full details below:

magazine subs Stories June 1, 2015

Amazon magazine subscriptions from $5/yr: Fortune, Sports Illustrated, Time, many more

Amazon has a number of notable magazine subscriptions on sale from now through June 14th. Very rarely do we see magazines subs sold for less on Amazon (with Prime benefits) than in our regular exclusive sales. Time, Sports Illustrated and Fortune magazine are available starting at just $5 a year, all of which are the best prices around.

A one year subscription (56 issues) to Sports illustrated magazine goes for $10 with free delivery and digital access. That’s around $29 below the Sports Illustrated direct price (for 60 issues), $5 under our previous mention and the best price we can find. Outside of once a year holiday pricing, this is the best price we have seen on this mag.

Note: unlike your usual magazine sales, Amazon WILL auto renew these subs on you at the end of the first year, and likely at a higher rate. So be sure to watch for the renewal email at the end of your term in order to cancel it if desired.

More on Sports Illustrated:

Sports Illustrated Magazine is one of the leading sports magazines in the world. Every issue features a wide range of sports-related articles and photographs, including columns written by the leading sports analysts and announcers. From previews of upcoming seasons to articles detailing the world behind the scenes, Sports Illustrated Magazine offers a one-of-a-kind look at your favorite players and teams.

Dan Patrick has one of the most popular radio shows in the country, and he brings his unique perspective and humorous side to the magazine with a monthly feature. Selena Roberts, Chris Ballard, and other leading journalists provide touching and memorable articles for the magazine, and the magazine also delves into investigative reporting, like it did with its article on steroids in the world of baseball.

Every subscription comes with the infamous swimsuit issue, which features some of the most beautiful models and female athletes posing on the cover and on the pages. Once you finish looking at that issue, you can jump into the Leading Off section, which provides photographs of major events and games. Sports Illustrated Magazine includes a section devoted to the top games from past years, excerpts from books written by athletes and celebrities, information about upcoming games, news on teams and players, and previews before each new major sports season begins, including baseball, hockey, football, and basketball.

Subscribing to Sports Illustrated Magazine lets you explore the world of sports from an insider’s perspective, with features devoted to scandals, players making an impression, and memories of big games throughout history.

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