Marty McFly Stories October 20, 2015

expiredBack to the Future Day is Today! So how are you celebrating? #BTTF2015

Update 10/21 11AM:

Wednesday, October 21, 2015 (that’s today!) is the precise day in the future Doc and Marty travel to in the 2nd Back to the Future film. This year also marks the 30th anniversary of the first film release. So, How far have we come in that time? No flying cars yet, but a closer look reveals some other predictions weren’t far off: Video conferencing, Google Glass, hover boards, self tying shoes, 3D movies to name a few.

More importantly, how will you be celebrating Back to the Future Day? Maybe you’ll kick back and relax to the Back to the Future trilogy which is streaming from Amazon Prime for free, or you can own the 30th anniversary Blu-ray for $30. Or maybe you’ll pick up the newly released collectors item Back to the Future: The Ultimate Visual History for $30 hardcover or $18 Kindle edition. You could always browse the ThinkGeek collection of BTTF knick knacks. 

Marty McFly Stories January 13, 2015


Image from Sole Collector

In 1985 it seemed like a science fiction dream mixed with Phil Knight‘s wildest imagination. In 2015, it’s going to be a reality. The much hyped self-lacing Nikes from Back to the Future II seem to be set for launch at some point during the calendar year according to Nice Kicks, marking the 30th Anniversary of its inception.

More on a release timeframe and how Nike is going to make this crazy idea work after the break… expand full story

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