McDonald's Stories January 22, 2018

expiredGet a free sandwich when you spend $1 or more using the McDonald’s app

At participating McDonald’s, if you place an order of $1 or more using the McDonald’s app for iOS or Android you’ll get a coupon for a one free sandwich. That’s the best offer we’ve seen from McDonald’s since last summer when they had a similar BOGO sandwich deal. You can even get this deal once per week all the way through February 18.

McDonald's Stories November 20, 2015

McDonald’s Black Friday offer nets you a free Big Mac or Egg McMuffin every week for 1 year

McDonald’s is getting in on the Black Friday action with a damn good deal for lovers of their fast food. According to this promo page, the purchase of $100 in Arch Cards (McDonald’s speak for gift cards) will get you a “free Big Mac or Egg McMuffin every week for one year”. The deal is slated to go live at (select?) McDonald’s locations on Black Friday starting at 7am.

We haven’t seen any announcement from McDonald’s, but we’ll let you know as soon as more details are revealed.

McDonald's Stories June 22, 2015

McDonald’s new to-go box for bikes will have you cycling up to the drive-thru

Have you ever wanted to ride your bike through the drive through at your favorite restaurant? With more people around the world opting for two-wheel transportation, bicycles are on the road now more than ever. McDonald’s is taking note, answering this worldwide trend with a new custom shaped to-go carrier for your food and drink dubbed the McBike.

It’s already taken off in places like Brazil and Denmark, making it a seemingly natural fit for urban areas in the United States. Because it wraps around your handle bars, you wouldn’t have to put it in your saddle bag. More fast food for everyone!


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