MFi Apple-Certified Stories March 1, 2016

expiredMFi Apple-Certified Lightning + microUSB Braided Cables: 6-foot $13.50, 3-ft. $12.50, more

This morning, we’ve spotted a number of MFi Apple-Certified Lightning Cable deals. Grab a few for your office, kitchen or backpack so you’re never without one. All of today’s offerings are in compliance with Apple’s MFi program, so you know they are safe to use with your devices. Free shipping is available for Prime members or on orders of $49+.

First up, F-Color via Amazon offers its Braided 2-in-1 MFi Lightning and microUSB Cables in two sizes with three available colors:

These deals are perfect for today’s multi-device setups. All you need is one cable and you’ll be able to charge your iPhone, iPad and Bluetooth Headphones, for example. Cut down on the clutter with this braided option.

More MFi Lightning Cable Deals at Amazon:

Need some extra power? Grab Inateck’s 36W 4-port Desktop option for $10.99 Prime shipped w/ code NYSGM9EU (Reg. $15).

MFi Apple-Certified Stories February 9, 2016

expiredSimplify your charging w/ a 2-pack of 3-ft. MFi Lightning + microUSB cables: $8 Prime shipped (Reg. $18)

Peleus Tech via Amazon offers a 2-pack of its 3-ft. MFi Apple-Certified Flat Lightning Cable w/ microUSB connector in green for $17.99. Applying coupon code 924FD8UZ drops the final price to $7.99 Prime shipped. That’s good for 55% off the regular going rate and one of the best deals we’ve seen for a Lightning/microUSB combo.

If you’ve purchased any non-Apple product (or even some Beats) lately, you’re likely charging it with a microUSB cable. I’ve found myself constantly checking that I have a microUSB and Lightning cable on hand while I travel. These handy 2-in-1 cables simplify the situation. When you need to charge your iPhone or iPad, plug in the MFi Lightning cable. Have a power bank, wireless headphones or another device? Use the microUSB and you’re all set. Over 175 Amazon customers rate these cables 4.4/5 stars.

ICYMI: Aukey 15,000mAh Quick Charge 2.0 Dual-USB Power Bank: $18.50 Prime shipped (Reg. $30)

MFi Apple-Certified Stories February 3, 2016

expiredRAVPower 2-pack of 3-ft. MFi Apple-Certified Lightning Cables for $8 Prime shipped (Reg. $15), more

Sunvalleytek has kicked off a Super Bowl Sale over at Amazon, dropping its prices on a number of RAVPower products. Free shipping is available for Prime members or on orders of $35+.

The star of this promotion is a 2-pack of 3-ft. MFi Apple-Certified Lightning Cables for $14.99. Applying coupon code 4BXRUCZZ drops the final price down to $7.99. For comparison, we typically see a single 3-ft. cable go for $5-7. Today’s deal is nearly 50% off the regular going rate and one of the stronger 2-pack deals that we have seen. Rated 4.6/5 stars by over 1,100 Amazon customers. Full details and specs below.

More RAVPower Deals:

  • 24W 4.8A Dual-USB Car Charger: $7 w/ code 97TBHYDD (Reg. $10)
  • 10,400mAh 3.5A Dual-USB Power Bank: $16 w/ code 3DBIMGF8 (Reg. $22)
  • 13,000mAh 4.5A Dual-USB Power Bank: $19 w/ code V8U5WA9M (Reg. $28)

Looking for more Lightning Cables? Anker’s reinforced PowerLine options are some of our favorite are on the market and are currently on sale. Also, don’t forget to swing by our USB Power roundup from yesterday for even more deals.

MFi Apple-Certified Stories January 18, 2016

expirediOrange MFi Apple-Certified Lightning Cables: 10-ft. $9 (Reg. $15), more

Update (1/19 12:15pm): Omars via Amazon offers its 3-ft. MFi Lightning Cable for $2.99 Prime shipped.

iOrange via Amazon is discounting a handful of MFi Apple-Certified Lightning Cables this morning. You’ll find deals on 6 and 10-ft. varieties with aluminum connectors. These longer lengths are ideal for bedside charging or refueling Apple’s new Siri Remote. iOrange has passed Apple’s MFi certification process, so you know each cable is safe to use with your device. The entire collection is rated 4.4/5 stars by over 300 Amazon customers. Free shipping is available for Prime members or on orders of $35+.

Lightning Cable Deals:

You’ll find more Lightning cable options, with braided designs or built-in car chargers, in our previous roundup.

Need USB-C for your MacBook, Chromebook or Android Device? You can snag this Cambond 6-ft. braided option for $8.99 (Reg. $13) w/ code AUKR5BN8. Rated 4.8/5 stars bv 227 Amazon customers. There’s also the 6.6ft USB-C to USB-C iOrange-E cable available at Amazon for $10.99 Prime shipped w/ code IOSQL6KB. Rated 4.5 stars by 775 Amazon customers.

Keep everything organized with a few of these handy 3-inch Nite Ize Gear Ties.

MFi Apple-Certified Stories January 13, 2016

expiredMFi Apple-Certified Lightning Cables: 10-ft. Braided $10.50 (Reg. $17), Dual-Port Car Charger + 3-ft. $12, more

We’ve spotted a plethora of USB power deals today for your Apple or Android devices that’ll be sure to keep your gear powered up through the winter.

First up, Cambond via Amazon offers its 10-ft Braided MFi Apple-Certified Lightning Cable for $16.99. Applying coupon code C2C5J7V8 drops the final price down to $10.50 with free shipping for Prime members or on orders of $35+. That’s good for over 35% off the regular going rate, $.50 less than our previous mention and the lowest current price we can find. This Lightning cable has gone through Apple’s MFi approval process, so you know it’s safe to use with your device. It has a braided design for extra strength and includes a 12-month warranty. Rated 4.3/5 stars by nearly 600 Amazon customers.

Next, Inateck Online via Amazon has its 33W 2-port USB Car Charger with a built-in MFi Apple-Certified Lightning Cable in black or white for $19.99. Adding coupon code JBDXQ8PB takes the final price down to $11.99 Prime shipped. This cable typically goes for $20-$25, today’s deal is the best price we can find. Inateck’s car charger has two 2.1A charging ports, plus 2.4A for the Lightning cable. Rated 4.4/5 stars by 238 Amazon customers.

More USB Power Deals:

  • Spigen 3.3FT LONG Apple MFi Certified Lightning cable $7 w/ code T935MO6F (Orig. $10)
  • OXA Safety Hammer, 24W/4.8A Smart Car Charger $7 w/code PDVJF3WI (Reg. $11)
  • KMASHI 15,000mAh Dual-USB External Power Bank: $12.50 w/ code FBDXPO7W (Reg. $20)
  • DBPOWER 12-Outlet/USB Surge Protector: $19 w/ code MLRWWHU9 (Reg. $24)
  • EasyAcc 7.2A 3-port USB Charger w/ 2A sockets: $25 w/ code XM2RCCXO (Reg. $35)
  • Inateck 12W 2.4A Wall Charger: $4 w/ code 3NVDQDJJ (Reg. $8)
  • Inateck 36W 2.4A 4-port Charger w/ Stand: $11 w/ code ROIQXKCE (Reg. $15)
  • Inateck 40W 5-port Desktop USB Charger: $16 w/ code UGNBVQEJ (Reg. $20)

You’ll find more options in yesterday’s USB power roundup.

MFi Apple-Certified Stories December 15, 2015

expiredAnker USB Power Deals: Astro E7 26,800mAh Power Bank $40 (Reg. $60), Braided Nylon MFi Lightning Cables from $8, more

Anker has launched another round of USB deals as its Holiday Sale at Amazon comes to a close. We have spotted a couple of notable price drops that are all-time lows or matches of Black Friday offerings. If you’re running slim on Christmas ideas, grab a few of these deals, it will be appreciated by your friends and family. As always at Amazon, free shipping is available for Prime members or on orders of $35+.

First, you’ll find the Anker Astro E7 26,800mAh 3-port 4A External Power Bank for $39.99 after promo code XVPW37Z6 is applied during checkout. That’s a savings of $20 off the regular going rate and a match of Black Friday for the lowest price we’ve seen. Features include 26,800mAh of power, 3-port design, up to 3A per port and 4A total plus a 18-month warranty. Rated 4.7/5 stars by nearly 1,300 Amazon customers.

Next, Anker is offering its Nylon Braided MFi Apple-Certified Lightning Cables in three different colors on discount. The 3-ft model is available for $7.99 (Reg. $10) after coupon code S4TK7RQX while the longer 6-ft. can be had for $9.99 (Reg. $14) with code YM3TYP53Note: Rose Gold not eligible for this discount. Anker’s Lightning Cables have gone through Apple’s MFi-certification process, so you know it’s safe to use with your devices. A 18-month warranty is included. Rated 4.6/5 stars by 583 Amazon customers.

Additional USB Power Deals at Amazon:

  • Inateck Dual-USB Charger w/ built-in MFi Lightning Cable: $13 w/ code 5QHLBSPP (Reg. $20)
  • Anker Astro E5 16,000mAh Dual-USB 3A Power Bank: $26 w/ code ANKER1E5 (Reg. $33)
  • Anker PowerCore+ 13,400mAh Dual-USB 4.8A: $30 w/ code R8Q7CDBZ (Reg. $40)
  • Anker PowerPort+ 1 Quick Charge 3.0 18W Wall Charger: $20 w/ code 6IN7TWSI (Reg. $26)
  • Anker PowerDrive 2 4.8A Dual-USB Car Charger: $7 w/ code AFR9OSYQ (Reg. $8)
  • Anker 3-pack PowerLine 3-ft. MicroUSB Cables: $8 w/ code 2SWXFJ3G (Reg. $10)
  • Aukey Quick Charge 2.0 Wall Charger + MicroUSB cable: $6.50 w/ code PICCIE72 (Reg. $15)

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