Mozart Stories June 3, 2015

100 classical music songs for $0.99: Mozart, Bach, Opera compilation, more

Amazon is offering a few classical music MP3 albums for just $0.99 each. There are 4 options here: The History of MozartThe History of Bach, The History of Dance and The History of Opera. Each of which contains 100 tracks that go for $0.89 to $0.99 each if you buy them individually. This is all 100 tracks for just $1. You can get a quick sample over at Amazon at each of the above listings to test out the audio quality.

  • The History of Mozart (100 songs): $0.99 
  • The History of Bach (100 songs): $0.99 
  • The History of Opera (100 songs): $0.99 
  • The History of Dance (100 songs): $0.99 

Mozart Stories May 29, 2015

Classical music albums $0.99 ea: Bach, Mozart, Chopin, Beethoven, Vivaldi, Schubert, many more

Amazon has a wide selection of its Red Classics MP3 albums for $0.99. The collection of classical music includes albums from names like Bach, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Chopin and more. Most of which run about 30 tracks deep. Each song on these albums costs $0.99 on their own, bringing about $29 in savings on the full album.

Here’s a full list of the albums, you’ll find them all at this link:

  • Mozart
  • Beethoven
  • Tchaikovsky
  • Chopin
  • Vivaldi
  • Wagner
  • Bach
  • Schubert
  • Holst
  • Strauss
  • Grieg
  • Verdi
  • Brahms
  • Sousa
  • Dvorak
  • Rossini
  • Masters of Classical Music
  • Organ
  • Flute
  • Cello
  • Violin
  • Gregorian Chants
  • Piano
  • Spanish Guitar

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