Multi-room Stories January 5, 2016

Today at CES 2016 Harman Kardon has announced a new batch of “True HD Audio” multi-room speakers. The OMNI+ line-up is Wi-Fi-enabled with access to a wide variety of audio sources. Additionally, HK touts the ability to playback true lossless definition audio and a mix of indoor and outdoor speakers for a versatile setup. Head below for more information on Harman’s latest release.

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Multi-room Stories November 16, 2015

Mass Fidelity tries to solve virtual stereo sound with its new Core wireless speaker

It’s no surprise that multi-room speaker systems are set to break out this holiday season as a must-have gift. SONOS and others have been working for years to bring this technology to the mass market, fighting familiar names like AirPlay and Bluetooth along the way. Now, the whole home speaker market is set to blow up.

Mass Fidelity’s Core wireless speaker system wants a piece of that pie. After raising over 1.5 million dollars on Indiegogo, it’s prepared to launch its speaker system to the world. By using its “holographic” sound system, Core is able to produce a virtual stereo sound system that it claims is unrivaled in the home audio space. More details below.

Multi-room Stories October 20, 2015

Libratone Wi-Fi-enabled speakers have been around for some time, with a Scandinavian-inspired design and quality build. Its ZIPP line of speakers have offered Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity for a while now. Today, Libratone announced a smattering of new portable speakers focused on multi-room audio. Head below for more details on the new ZIPP and ZIPP Mini.

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Multi-room Stories July 10, 2015

If you’re into wirelessly streaming audio to a set of speakers, your options seem endless. From AirPlay to Bluetooth to Sonos and LG, options abound in this time of less cords and greater convenience. Google recently got into the mix with its Google Cast for audio standard. However, the roll out has been slow and still isn’t available on many products. Google already has audio and video streaming capabilities with Chromecast, but that is limited to TV with its HDMI input.

A nifty little Kickstarter campaign has a plan to bring Chromecast’s wireless streaming capabilities to your speaker system with a dongle add-on. It’s an intriguing hack that seems so simple, you’d wish you would’ve thought of it… expand full story

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