Netherlands Stories August 19, 2015

The Alcho-Lock smart bike lock features a built-in breathalyzer and Bluetooth connectivity

While here in North America we may not take our inebriated bicycling as serious as they do overseas, we probably shouldn’t be driving anything drunk regardless. Japanese company Koowho is looking to help out with its new connected, breathalyzer-equipped bike lock: Alcho-Lock.

The small Alcho-Lock has a breathalyzer built-in, along with Bluetooth connectivity to your smartphone. You blow into the lock, and if you have had too much to drink the app will beam off a warning notification to a pre-designated friend or family member. At which point they can either ignore the message entirely or try to convince you not to ride drunk.

Ok, so no one should ride drunk, but as far we can tell the lock will still open no mater how hammered you are, relying entirely on the buddy system. In some places it is illegal to ride drunk, so this may seem significantly more practical in places like Japan or in the Netherlands where bicycles are very popular.

At $320 a pop, and not even strong enough to really lock your bike to anything confidently, it’s hard to see Alcho-Lock gaining traction in North America in its current state, Nonetheless, if it can help just one plastered guy from hurting himself in the middle of the night somewhere, then I guess it’s done its job.

Netherlands Stories May 26, 2015

oxboard-electric-segwayWhile Segway has been met with a general ‘meh’ since its release in back in 2001, there is still a strong market of people wanting alternative transportation. Because of continually evolving battery technologies, there is constant innovation in this category bringing new ideas to fruition.

A company out of the Netherlands has introduced a new electric two-wheeled transporter that blends skateboarding and Segways into a unique package. This handleless device – dubbed OXBOARD – looks like something straight out of Back to the Future. expand full story

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