new product Stories December 13, 2018

Just as the miniature console market was starting to heat up, Nintendo has announced that the clock is ticking for its Classic edition devices. Earlier this week when discussing the future of the NES and SNES Classic, Nintendo of America’s own Reggie Fils-Aime gave some sad news for fans of the consoles. Head below to see how you can still get your hands on the retro systems before they sell out for good.

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new product Stories April 26, 2018

Update 4/26 @ 1PM: LEGO has noted that its VIP Members will be able to purchase the new Creator Expert Roller Coaster on May 16th.

Following yesterday’s release of an all-new hospital kit, LEGO is debuting yet another new set, this time focused on bringing some joy to your brick-built city. As an expansion of its line of Creator Expert kits, today LEGO has announced it’ll be releasing the very first roller coaster set. Comprised of 4,124 pieces, the kit packs extensive details alongside being a fully functional coaster replica.

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new product Stories April 16, 2018

Nintendo has taken the gaming world by storm in the last few years, with not only the success of its Switch console, but also thanks to its retro-remake NES and SNES Classic. To no surprise, others have taken notice.

Over the weekend, SEGA’s official Twitter account confirmed an upcoming release of the MegaDrive Mini in celebration of the original’s 30th anniversary. Much like Nintendo’s own retro consoles, it will feature a library of games in a smaller footprint than the original.

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new product Stories August 4, 2017

When you’re in the car and want to use the apps on your phone it can often be distracting, especially when you need to be concentrating on the road. A new company is hoping to help with this issue by creating a smart magnetic phone mount. It’s called QLYX and it combines with a companion app to automatically turn on your in-car applications such as music, maps, weather and more. Currently running its campaign on Kickstarter, QLYX has already met its funding goal of $40,000 within 48 hours of launching.

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new product Stories May 2, 2016

Smart home products and robust app stores have brought on a variety of changes in our lives over the last five years. A byproduct of that innovation is the myriad of devices, developer kits and data points that are constantly pinging us. Apple has attempted to curb some of this (at times painful) experience with HomeKit. However, that is primarily focused on hardware functionality. The reality is that we still have all of this information, which leads us to constantly checking our devices for updates.

SeeNote is a new product from a company called MoonRoof that takes the classic sticky note and transforms it into a digital hub for your life. Amazon Echo has management skills but it is based around auditory cues. SeeNote differs with its customizable and interactive e-ink visual display that puts much of your life in one place. More below.

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new product Stories April 27, 2016

Dyson has made a business out of recreating popular home goods with an eye on greater efficiency and design. Aside from its line of vacuums, the brand has slowly grown in the fan and heater space as well. Today, Dyson turned its attention to the hair dryer. Actually, it did that four years ago. After an arduous process of product development the Supersonic Hair Dryer is ready to be revealed. In typical Dyson fashion, this release is so much more than your typical bathroom accessory…

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new product Stories April 20, 2016

Somewhere along the line, the tripod became a necessity for content creators but stopped receiving the same innovation as the technology it was holding. Popular accessory makers like Joby and Gitzmo have developed alternatives but their products largely stick to the common theme. That’s where Edelkrone comes in with its new StandPLUS. It takes the tripod and turns it in to a smooth device mount that moves and adjusts effortlessly. The video alone will make you want one of these…

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new product Stories April 11, 2016

Lytro, known primarily for its unique light field altering cameras, has introduced a new model focused on the big screen. Taking its volumetric 3D product and transforming it into Hollywood-grade device has resulted in the Lytro Cinema. This is a new camera that is capable of capturing 300 frames per second and 755 megapixel images. Wow. At 400 gigabytes of streaming data, it’s going to take more than your average hard drive to store these files…

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new product Stories April 1, 2016

Here you thought that we were past all the selfie stick madness. I know that I was hoping for a less is more approach to 2016. It looks like we won’t be so fortunate. Meet ROAM-e, the drone and selfie stick mashup coming to an amusement park near you…

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new product Stories March 7, 2016

DODOcase has long been involved in Google’s Cardboard and virtual reality technology. After first introducing two $25 options last summer, the brand has announced a new kit on Indiegogo this morning.

The SMARTvr Virtual Reality Viewer is available for pre-order today with a focus on improved build-quality and a fresh design. DODOcase has built its latest release for both Android and iPhone. Full details and pricing after the break.

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new product Stories February 10, 2016

We’re big proponents of standing desks here at 9to5Toys. As someone who works from home, I’m well aware of the challenges that come with sitting all day. While there are plenty of options on the market, prices have largely kept this product category out of the impulse purchase range.

Recently, we told you about NextDesk’s latest motorized creation that retails for $447. Today we’ve spotted a new Indiegogo project that cuts the price tag and offers a modular solution for nearly any setup. The OMBEE features a unique design with an eye on customization. Its price comes in at less than an iPad mini, making it an attractive option for those who prefer a more affordable solution.

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new product Stories January 29, 2016

The CrossOver from NextDesk turns nearly any setup into a motorized standing desk

NextDesk is not new to the game when it comes to standing desks. The benefits of not sitting in your chair all day have been well documented by now. However, up until the last year prices were generally too high for most consumers. The latest project from NextDesk aims to change all that by serving as a suitable add-on to nearly any existing setup.

Just add the CrossOver workstation to a table or desk and you’ll have an elevated space in no time. This isn’t just a stationary solution. It ships with a built-in motor that can raise and lower the table to your exact specifications plus dedicated spaces for a keyboard or other accessories. For another $50 you can add the Programmable Memory Controller that remembers your desired height to work at. Additional options include a dual monitor brackets and the option for recycled aluminum instead of steel.

The CrossOver is available in six wood finishes with three different colors of metal for the arms and legs. You can pre-order today with a $50 down payment, NextDesk expects to begin shipping in late March. Prices start at $447 and go up from there depending on features and finishes.

new product Stories January 27, 2016

Remember Aereo? That clever online service that allowed users anywhere to enjoy live and time-shifted streams of over-the-air television stations from nearly any internet-connected device? The one that was shut-down by the Supreme Court over copyright rules that were made long before the internet was a thing? Yeah, those guys are back with a new service that is threatening to shake up big names like Comcast and Time Warner.

Starry is an intriguing new take on Internet services. By using a sophisticated “millimeter waves and proprietary technology” that in theory could open up broadband to previously un-reachable locales. Chet Kanojia, the founder of Aereo and Starry, aims to unleash this service across the United States with an eye on giving consumers more choices. Full details below.

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new product Stories January 19, 2016

We first learned of Amazon’s Dash Replenishment devices about a year ago as details were just starting to leak out. Since then, Amazon launched its Dash Buttons across a handful of brands and slowly released more information on its plans for this service. Today, the first products with built-in Replenishment functionality have been released.

In case you’re not familiar, Amazon Dash Replenishment tracks the inventory of a consumable good and automatically re-orders it when levels get low. The initial example was Quirky’s Poppy Coffeemaker, but now the technology is available in a handful of other products…

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new product Stories January 13, 2016

There’s no shortage of surveillance cameras for your home. The same can be said for iOS and Android apps that are meant to capture life’s best moments. However, typically you’ve got to be behind the camera when it comes to recording the memorable times. Thus, Dad or Mom never make it into the home videos.

A new product called the Kiba Family Camera aims to remove the behind-the-scenes work required for capturing all your favorite memories. With a full-on cloud service and Joy Ranking Algorithm (huh?), Kiba has big plans for your next family gathering. More details below.

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new product Stories January 11, 2016

We’re big fans of universal remotes here at 9to5Toys. Unfortunately, the reality is that many of the options on the market struggle to live up to their full potential with questionable connectivity and design. In 2015 we saw new options from Logitech, Savant and Ray that all potentially scratch our itch. CES 2016 has brought on a new competitor: The Smart Remote by Sevenhugs. Name aside, its remote meets iPhone design has piqued our interest…

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new product Stories December 22, 2015

It’s no secret that the sneaker industry has blown up over the last ten years. Estimates show that Michael Jordan’s brand brings in well over two billion dollars per year. LeBron James just inked a lifetime contract with Nike that “easily surpasses Kevin Durant’s 10-year 300 million dollar deal.” While shoes have continually evolved as Nike has rose to prominence over the last 30 years, we haven’t seen much in the way of smartphone connectivity. While we can easily track our running data with a simple app, technology integration hasn’t gone much further.

A very successful Indiegogo campaign is ready to change that. After raising over $750,000, ShiftWear is ready to hit the market with its “adaptable shoes” that have a built-in display controlled by your smartphone. You have to see it to fully understand the potential here.

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new product Stories December 21, 2015

Low-flow shower heads are not a new phenomenon. They’ve been around for some time, with varying degrees of annoyance for many years. The idea of saving water while enjoying a long, hot shower has been discussed and executed in many different ways. A new $3,000 shower that recycles (and purifies) our shower water was announced earlier this month with eyes on “revolutionizing” the industry. The Hamwells e-Shower is iOS-connected and re-uses every drop of water seven times. It’s goal is to significantly reduce our water and energy usage. The question is, will consumers buy-in?

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