new product Stories March 8

To coincide with the release of Captain Marvel this weekend, LEGO has kicked off its latest promotion. The company is hoping to bring in Avengers fans by offering a limited-edition collection minifigures. With exclusive new brick-built renditions of four iconic Marvel heroes, the new LEGO Avengers Minifigure pack will be a must-have for collectors and fans of the MCU. Head below to find out how you can add them to your collection.

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new product Stories December 13, 2018

Just as the miniature console market was starting to heat up, Nintendo has announced that the clock is ticking for its Classic edition devices. Earlier this week when discussing the future of the NES and SNES Classic, Nintendo of America’s own Reggie Fils-Aime gave some sad news for fans of the consoles. Head below to see how you can still get your hands on the retro systems before they sell out for good.

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new product Stories April 26, 2018

Update 4/26 @ 1PM: LEGO has noted that its VIP Members will be able to purchase the new Creator Expert Roller Coaster on May 16th.

Following yesterday’s release of an all-new hospital kit, LEGO is debuting yet another new set, this time focused on bringing some joy to your brick-built city. As an expansion of its line of Creator Expert kits, today LEGO has announced it’ll be releasing the very first roller coaster set. Comprised of 4,124 pieces, the kit packs extensive details alongside being a fully functional coaster replica.

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new product Stories April 16, 2018

Nintendo has taken the gaming world by storm in the last few years, with not only the success of its Switch console, but also thanks to its retro-remake NES and SNES Classic. To no surprise, others have taken notice.

Over the weekend, SEGA’s official Twitter account confirmed an upcoming release of the MegaDrive Mini in celebration of the original’s 30th anniversary. Much like Nintendo’s own retro consoles, it will feature a library of games in a smaller footprint than the original.

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new product Stories August 4, 2017

When you’re in the car and want to use the apps on your phone it can often be distracting, especially when you need to be concentrating on the road. A new company is hoping to help with this issue by creating a smart magnetic phone mount. It’s called QLYX and it combines with a companion app to automatically turn on your in-car applications such as music, maps, weather and more. Currently running its campaign on Kickstarter, QLYX has already met its funding goal of $40,000 within 48 hours of launching.

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new product Stories May 2, 2016


Smart home products and robust app stores have brought on a variety of changes in our lives over the last five years. A byproduct of that innovation is the myriad of devices, developer kits and data points that are constantly pinging us. Apple has attempted to curb some of this (at times painful) experience with HomeKit. However, that is primarily focused on hardware functionality. The reality is that we still have all of this information, which leads us to constantly checking our devices for updates.

SeeNote is a new product from a company called MoonRoof that takes the classic sticky note and transforms it into a digital hub for your life. Amazon Echo has management skills but it is based around auditory cues. SeeNote differs with its customizable and interactive e-ink visual display that puts much of your life in one place. More below.

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