new toy of the day Stories March 23, 2017

Remember that old game, Pong, from Atari? It’s been a while, but the team at the Table Pong Project has whipped up something that just might bring it back and into our daily lives. This project looks to be a rather futuristic approach to the classic game, where it is being brought from its digital form to a physical form. This Pong-infused coffee table includes the retro sounds and bouncing lights, and it maintains the same mechanics to stay true to the original gameplay. It’s not just any Pong-themed table, either, the Table Pong Project is officially licensed by Atari. It is meant for the home, the office, and even public bars.

What’s the magic behind all this? Well, the main component required to make the 2D movement illusion of the game possible, is magnets. The minimalistic design is aimed to bring back memories of the X generation, as it is a mixture of modern tech and arcade machines from the 80’s. As for the features, the table includes the Pong game, a digital clock, Bluetooth speakers, and 4 USB charger ports. To set it on stand by mode, close the custom design lids and you have a regular, neat and retro looking coffee table. The Table Pong Project plans to start shipping in November on Kickstarter, and you can pre-order it now for $1,100 (limited units) before it reaches $1,690 later this year.

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new toy of the day Stories July 15, 2016

We’ve featured our fair share of LEGO sets in 2016, from new Minecraft releases to Ghostbuster-inspired models. Ahead of Comic-Con next week in San Diego, a handful of new releases have been detailed. LEGO has announced new BrickHeadz models that feature Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and others in celebration of this event. These aren’t your normal minifigs, either. Each model is to be constructed just like any other LEGO release. More details below…

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new toy of the day Stories July 14, 2016

Update: We have rounded-up some of the best ways to play classic Nintendo/Sega/Atari games on your big screen that are already available.

Some 30+ years later, Nintendo is ready return to its glory days. This morning, the official Nintendo of America Twitter account revealed that we are getting a brand new mini NES Classic Edition later this year. The tiny console comes packed with classic titles (more on those below), a retro-style controller and plugs right into your HDTV:

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new toy of the day Stories July 13, 2016

Adding a amp or digital-to-analog converter (DAC) to your audio setup can provide a massive boost in sound quality and performance. There are plenty of entry-level consumer products available on the market, but investing in a serious system will make a noticeable difference. Just the other day, the Billie Amp hit Kickstarter with a beautiful design and big promises. It’s loaded with modern and throwback connectivity to cover all of your bases. Head below for more insight.

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new toy of the day Stories July 12, 2016

Goal Zero makes some of the best consumer solar products on the market today. You’ll find different sizes for every scenario, from portable options to larger models for appliances and the like. However, bringing some of the bigger panels on the road, say while camping, can be a bit of a struggle. Goal Zero has partnered with Sylvansport on the new Sunny Side up, an integrated solar kit brings all the power of the sun to an outdoor location near you. This tidy package has it all…

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new toy of the day Stories July 11, 2016

Finding your way through the airport can be a real pain in the ass. Getting your tickets, passing through security and getting on the plane can all have their own mishaps that cause delays. A company by the name of Olive has a new plan to help remedy this situation. Its new intelligent suitcase can be ridden like a Segway and folds up to look just like a regular carry-on. Even better, it’s loaded with smartphone functionality. More below.

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new toy of the day Stories July 8, 2016

Samsung has announced a new line of Universal Flash Storage (UFS) products that promise solid-state drive-like speeds in a tiny package. These cards range from 32GB to 256GB and are designed for smartphones, cameras and more. How fast are they? Head below to find out…

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new toy of the day Stories July 7, 2016

This morning, Fujifilm announced the new X-T2 mirrorless camera, which replaces the fan favorite X-T1 model that was released back in 2014. Alongside a retro-inspired design is a massive 24MP sensor, 4K video and an upgraded autofocus system. More below.

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new toy of the day Stories July 6, 2016

Electric bikes have been popping up all over the place throughout the last year. We’ve seen a variety of designs from transformers-esque to more classic stylings. It’s seems as if manufacturers have struggled to bring this alternative source of energy to bicycles without creating a battery pack on wheels in the process. A new Swiss-built e-bike with Italian design cues has a different look in mind. Velocipede Fogliaverde, which means “green leaf velocipede” hit Kickstarter in hopes of funding this project. More below.

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new toy of the day Stories July 5, 2016

SONOS has long dominated the multi-room audio space with its popular line of speakers. One of the main drawbacks for consumers has been the arguably high price point in comparison to the competition. Other audio manufacturers have been using this against SONOS by undercutting on pricing in hopes of finding a niche in this space.

Today, Yamaha has announced a pair of new additions to its family of multi-room speakers. The WX-010 MusicCast speaker and YSP-2700 soundbar focus on features and a modern design. Full details below.

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new toy of the day Stories June 30, 2016

Everyone knows those old fashion music boxes that your Grandma had at her house. That special creepy sound that is only recreated by metal teeth being struck in rhythm. In a move that’s long overdue, someone has created a digital version of this iconic antique.

The XOXX Composer is made from eight wheels that each have 16 different marks that hold small magnetic balls. As the wheels turn, each occupied space is recognized by the sensor and a note is played. Sliders along the bottom bring additional features like tune and pitch. It’s all transfered via a standard MIDI, so it’s usable with most custom setups. Head below to see it in action…

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new toy of the day Stories April 6, 2016

Garage door openers haven’t seen much in the way of innovation over the last few decades. Sure, they are quieter and offer smartphone-connectivity, but what device in our home doesn’t? Ryobi, makers of some of the most popular tools and outdoor equipment, has announced a new garage door accessory that is guaranteed to put yours to shame.

The Ultra Quiet Garage Door opener claims to be “20% quieter” than similar products on the market. But it’s not just the motor that’s impressive: this multi-function system is fully customizable with a bevy of add-ons like wireless speakers, fans and sensors. Oh, and naturally, it is smartphone-connected. More below.

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new toy of the day Stories December 11, 2015

In what seems to be an annual tradition, LEGO remains amongst the top of this holiday’s most wanted items. Star Wars kits have received the most publicity leading up to Christmas due to the movie’s impending release. But around here, we’re big fans of LEGO’s Architecture sets. The latest addition to its line-up allows builders to re-create famous skylines from around the world. LEGO will be kicking things off with three different cities featuring iconic buildings from each locale. Full details below.

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new toy of the day Stories March 19, 2015

Construction tools are a dangerous thing. The saw blade has massive potential to do damage when the user is not paying attention. Well-respected tool maker, Bosch, is setting out to provide a little more safety when it comes to cutting wood on the job site. Even better, it has NFC connectivity as well. expand full story

new toy of the day Stories February 25, 2015

Technology has created a much more accessible world, with nearly everything right at our fingertips. The thing is, sometimes we still just want easier access to a button, switch or that USB port in the back of your computer. Satechi has set out to solve this problem with three Bluetooth-enabled buttons meant to interact with a myriad of devices.

The BT Button Series is a trilogy of stick-on thin circles that pair with a device via Bluetooth and enables the user to complete certain tasks. They come in a slim circle design with an aluminum metal outer edge and are compatible with iOS devices and Android OS 4.4.4 or later. From selfies to Siri, these products have an eye for making digital life just a touch more accessible – head below to find out how.

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new toy of the day Stories February 24, 2015

High-end camera maker Leica has taken the cap off a new limited edition digital camera that has a striking design. With 1960’s military undertones, the M-P (Typ 240) “Safari edition” has luxury written all of over it. Not only do the colors stand out, the silver trim and full grain rawhide leather accents really pop creating a one-of-a-kind visual. It’s a unique blend of modern technology and mid-century design with a price tag to match. With only 1,500 being produced, these cameras will be a rare find.

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new toy of the day Stories December 11, 2014

We’ve all been there on a bike, with our kids out for a ride or trying to get some extra miles in to burn off the winter weight. Suddenly you’re faced with a hill that is a little too steep, or you’ve simply pedaled a little further away from home than you should have. The Omni Wheel from Evelo is attempting to provide the answer to those bike conundrums by putting the power of electricity into most consumer bikes.

Really, who wouldn’t like a little help with those evening rides every once in a while? It’s just gonna cost you to get the wheels rolling…

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new toy of the day Stories September 25, 2014

Over the years, the lock industry has not seen too many big moments of growth over the traditional deadbolt. While some locks are easier to change now and some even feature Bluetooth, nothing has really knocked the doors down from a design perspective. Haven is pulling out all the stops along the way, integrating in the future with Apple’s HomeKit, changing from old-school design, all while building a very tough lock. You won’t believe how strong this thing really is… expand full story

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