New Toy Stories October 19, 2017

Keeping your tech charged everywhere is always a struggle. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been on the road or at an airport needing extra power, only to find no open outlets near me. Romeo Power has launched the Saber power pack to change this. With two USB-A ports, one USB-C, and a multi-country safe 120V outlet, the Saber power pack aims to keep all of your devices going.

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New Toy Stories October 16, 2017

Classic consoles are making a comeback it seems. Most recently, we had the SNES Classic launch and the C64 Mini announced, but now there is the Super Nt [Classic]. One thing that the relaunches of the SNES and C64 have is emulation. They are smaller consoles to the originals and have all of the games stored internally. This is both convenient, and sometimes a little frustrating. Chances are, there will always be a few games that you’d want to play on the latest retro console you picked up but can’t due to licensing issues. This exact issue is why the Super Nt [Classic] was created.

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New Toy Stories September 22, 2017

TP-Link is a trusted name when it comes to Internet-connected devices, and they just announced their latest device. With the announcement of the KC120 Kasa Cam, TP-Link decided to enter the smart camera business. With 1920×1080 recording, night vision up to 25-feet, and a 130-degree wide-angle lens, this is set up to be a killer camera. It also features two-way communication via built-in speakers and microphones, and the upcoming Amazon Alexa Show integration means that it’ll be easier than ever to communicate to those on the other end of your smart camera.

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New Toy Stories September 21, 2017

If you’ve been a gamer for any time at all you remember that original and massive controller for Xbox nicknamed “The Duke“. Yeah, that’s right, that monstrosity of a controller that shipped with the original Xbox back in 2001. Well, Seamus Blackley, one of the original designers of the Xbox, wants to bring it back with a few next-generation twists, and I honestly am super excited to get my hands on it.

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New Toy Stories September 19, 2017

Wonder Workshop isn’t a new name when it comes to getting children interested in technology. The CEO of Wonder Workshop is very interested in helping children learn more about technology and coding. He claims that in the next decade, there will be one million more technology jobs in the US then we have qualified graduates to fill. Some economists forecast say by 2050 over 40% of jobs will require some form of development, coding, robotic, or AI system management experience.

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New Toy Stories August 31, 2017

littleBits has launched their latest offering to help teach kids technology by partnering with Star Wars with the Droid Inventor Kit for just $99.99. littleBits has been helping kids learn how to program and build technological things for years, and the Droid Inventor Kit is just their latest foray into the field.

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New Toy Stories June 24, 2016

Warmer weather and summer months are meant for outdoor cooking. One of my personal favorite meals is to make pizza on the grill. I learned about this process thanks to a handy guide that I got off Amazon. Although charcoal pizza is good, it’s difficult to replicate a true woodfire experience short of building an actual oven.

A new camping accessory plans on changing all of that. The BioLite PizzaDome is a miniature all-in-one oven that blends ease of use with real wood flavors. It’s an interesting design that attaches to the company’s BaseCamp stove. The whole thing is available in a launch day bundle with special pricing and even has a few surprises up its sleeve.

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New Toy Stories May 31, 2016

There are many old-fashioned ways to protect your bicycle from vandals. The reality is, though, that even the toughest locks are susceptible to thieves. Dutch cycle manufacturer VanMoof is releasing a new two-wheeled creation with an impressive guarantee. If your bike gets stolen in the first two years, the company guarantees that it will be able to find it in less than two weeks. If it doesn’t show up, VanMoof will provide a replacement for just over $100. But wait, there’s more…

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New Toy Stories May 27, 2016

Building smartphone connectivity into common home goods like a lightbulb was always a natural play. Philips was the first to successfully take it mainstream with its line of Hue products. Since then, others have followed suit as Apple’s HomeKit has developed into a viable service. For some, the problem of paying a significant upcharge for this capability is too difficult to overcome. Another issue is that consumers might prefer a certain style of bulb, Edison for example, which is not readily available with smart functionality.

That’s where iDevices comes in. The clever brand behind a variety of smartphone products has now released a new add-on that sits between your existing light socket and bulb to add this functionality to nearly any light. Appropriately named, Socket is HomeKit compatible and is available for pre-order today…

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New Toy Stories May 19, 2016

It’s no surprise that STEM programs are taking off in schools across the United States. Just consider the amount of technology at the hands of our kids in comparison to 20 years ago. There are a number of companies looking to take advantage of this surging trend. Roboterra is aiming to be right in the mix with its new robotics kit. Designed with “all ages” in mind, this K’NEX meets coding system is bound to be a hit with both educators and students.

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New Toy Stories May 18, 2016

It’s no secret that vinyl records have seen a resurgence in popularity over the last ten years. In fact, sales have soared from under one million units to just over eleven times that in 2015. Amazon is even dedicating a whole storefront to this trend. We’ve also seen a fresh breath of hardware innovation as this medium has come back into style.

The latest comes way of VNYL, a company that aims to blend old-school records with modern day smartphone technology. Appropriately called TRNTBL, this player has two main tricks up its sleeve: Shazam-like functionality and a wide-range of connectivity including AirPlay and SONOS-compatibility. More below…

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New Toy Stories May 11, 2016

Garmin’s new GPS-enabled fitness tracker is loaded with features including an oddly-named “suffer score” that tells you just how hard you exercised. The Forerunner 735XT is now the top-of-the-line model in the company’s lineup. Naturally, it has a price to match. For $450, this wearable better do it all…

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New Toy Stories May 9, 2016

Raspberry Pi is capable of carrying out so many different tasks. It truly is amazing how the tiny microcomputer system can be transformed into a robot, smart home hub, and a variety of other projects. It’s easy to get started with any of these cost-effective kits that provide everything needed.

Today, a new project has launched on Kickstarter that allows the tiny computer to power some of the most expensive consumer headphones on the market. The Hybrid Tube Amp for the Raspberry Pi brings an old school HiFi setup to today’s modern microcomputer. You’ll be able to utilize headphones that range from 32 – 300 ohm with this kit. As far as add-on accessories go, this one is pretty easy to install, according to the creators.

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New Toy Stories April 4, 2016

There was a time when I was not a coffee drinker. Thankfully, I’ve since overcome such foolishness and regularly have a cup by my side. The struggle is finding the right vessel for your preferred beverage. Sure, I have some favorites but few are able to keep my cup of joe warm for an extended period of time. While there are popular options from Contigo and Thermos, to name a few, there is room for improvement here.

That’s where Yecup 365 comes in. This travel mug has a built-in power supply that is capable of heating and cooling your drink for hours on end. Not only that, it’s controllable via your smartphone so you can hit just the right temperature. While companies like Ember have gone down this road before, Yecup stands alone with its ability to maintain a much wider range of temperatures. Head below for full details.

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New Toy Stories April 1, 2016

Here you thought that we were past all the selfie stick madness. I know that I was hoping for a less is more approach to 2016. It looks like we won’t be so fortunate. Meet ROAM-e, the drone and selfie stick mashup coming to an amusement park near you…

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New Toy Stories March 23, 2016

Tovala is the oven you’ve always dreamed of. Or is it a microwave? Let’s call it a robotic smartphone-connected conventional oven. Tovala is counter-top appliance for your kitchen that aims to make cooking easier than ever before. When bundled with its subscription meal plan, users will be able to “cook chef-prepared meal perfectly.” Sounds pretty good huh? Kickstarter backers agree, already pledging nearly $250,000 to get this service off the ground…

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New Toy Stories January 28, 2016

It seems like we’ve been inundated with Bluetooth speaker offerings over the last year. Even worse, each new release seems to be a redesign of another model already on the market. Finding a way to standout from the crowd is becoming increasingly difficult as established brands are seeing hundreds of new names enter the space.

Fluance, an audio company up in Ontario, has released a new addition to its line-up of hi-fi equipment called the Fi70 High Fidelity Music System. Instead of going the route of traditional portable speakers, it has opted for an all-in-one system that mixes mid-century looks with modern technology. You’re either going to love or hate the design…

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New Toy Stories December 29, 2015

Chances are, you’ve heard something about hoverboards this year. Lexus kind of made one. There were hundreds of models put up for sale on Amazon. Many of which were not actual hoverboards and caught on fire. Turns out, just before the year comes to a close, we may finally get a real hoverboard.

ArcaSpace, a private space company (whatever that means), has released a new $19,900 product dubbed the ArcaBoard. With substantial amounts of power and thrust from an electric propulsion system, this hoverboard does actually fly.

What a way to end 2015.

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