New World gives players a chance at a new beginning with ‘Fresh Start Worlds’

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Amazon’s New World is getting a pretty big update today called Brimstone Stands. It adds a new ancient Egyptian-themed area to the game alongside more abilities, a new weapon, expedition, and even a “revamped starting experience.” However, Amazon wants to give existing players a way to start afresh with the latest update and will be launching “Fresh Start Worlds” on November 2. What all will the worlds deliver, and how does Brimstone Sands change the New World experience? Keep reading to find out.

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Amazon’s New World shipwrecks you on Aeternum, now available worldwide

New World has been in development for quite some time, but it’s finally here. The game officially launched yesterday, and New World is now out in the wild with all being able to play it. So, what all does the game have in store for new players, and what can returning gamers expect? Let’s take a closer look at some mechanics, functions, and more below.

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