Nextworth Stories October 18, 2014

ipad-air-2-heroiPad Air 2’s thinner design, improved specs, and Touch ID may not be enough of an upgrade to entice iPad Air owners, but there’s little doubt that it’s a gigantic leap forward for iPad 2 users.

If you’re planning to jump into a new iPad Air 2 then you’ll have a few options with what to do with your old iPad: sell it privately, pass it down to a friend or family member, keep it as a backup, or trade it. If you opt to go the trade route, then you’re going to want to check out this special promotion Best Buy is currently running… expand full story

Nextworth Stories December 2, 2013

expiredGadget Trade-In Bonuses: NextWorth extra 20% sitewide, Gazelle $10 for new customers

It’s time to recoup some of the cost for your new iPad, iPhone or other gadgets by trading in your used/broken previous generation devices. As a special Cyber Monday promotion, both NextWorth and Gazelle are offering bonuses on today’s trade-ins. NextWorth will bump your trade-in value an extra 20% with coupon code CYBR20 and Gazelle will give new customers an extra $10 with any trade over $50.

Be sure to compare both sites closely as our quick tests showed Gazelle paying better rates even though its bonus isn’t as hefty.

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