NightStand Stories August 9, 2015

2796b1a69a20a1b592cdcc93c5cd593cc06fe896 main hero imageIf you want to wear your Apple Watch in all elements, the Spigen Rugged Armor provides great protection. 9to5Toys Specials has it bundled with Spigen’s Night Stand for $22 with free shipping.

The Armor covers the entire frame of the Apple Watch, just leaving the screen available for easy access. The controls are covered but extended by metalized buttons, with even the Digital Crown given its own overlay. The case is made from durable TPU, and it is designed to fit with the Night Stand. The stand itself has a lip to ensure your Apple Watch stays securely in place, and it has a Nanotac surface on its base to keep a firm grip on your bedside table.

  • Stand design is simple and easy to use
  • Bottom lip securely cradles watch to maximize stability
  • Watch can rest with strap either open or closed
  • Charger fits securely in cutout
  • Nanotac pad at bottom keeps stand in place on flat surfaces
  • Case features a flexible, sturdy and durable design
  • Hardy TPU material protects against bumps and scratches
  • Metalized button adds a classy and luxurious accent

The Armor comes in black (42mm and 38mm) and white (42mm and 38mm) versions. All have 37% off at 9to5Toys Specials.

NightStand Stories April 23, 2015

ELEVATIONLAB-NightStand-blue Unless you’re Beyonce or some other celebrity, you’ll have to wait until at least tomorrow to get an Apple Watch on your wrist. Your first day with it is going to be glorious: you’ll download apps, find joy in the Mickey watch face, and make your friends jealous. But then nighttime is going to come. You’re going to need to charge it, but there’s no way you’ll want to haphazardly sit your new baby on its loose charging puck — chances are you’ll want it on display. That’s why a stand is going to be an absolute must for any Apple Watch owner.

Accessory makers have revealed everything from basic $20 stands to elaborate charging rigs costing more than $100. This morning ElevationLab unveiled its NightStand – an Apple Watch docking station in bright colors at an aggressive price point… expand full story

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