Ninety7 Stories May 1, 2018

Amazon’s Echo lineup has taken the world by storm. Personally, I have 4 of these devices around my home (along with HomePod and Google Home devices, but we’ll ignore that for this post.) But, one thing about the Echo (or any other smart speaker) is that generally, you’re limited to one place for use.

Sure, Amazon has the Echo Tap to bring with you on trips, but it doesn’t have always listening and is fairly limited in the sound department. That’s where Nintey7 comes in. The company specializes in making battery bases for smart speakers, and they just launched the SKY Battery Base for Echo 2.

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Ninety7 Stories February 13, 2018

expiredAdd 8-hours of portability to your Google Home w/ Ninety7’s battery base for $40 (20% off)

Ninety7 via Amazon offers its Battery Base for Google Home in a variety of colors for $39.95 shipped. Normally selling for $50, today’s discount is the lowest we’ve seen on the smart speaker accessory and is the best available. Rated 4.2/5 stars. We previously went hands-on with Ninety7’s VAUX Echo Dot base, which offers similar functionality.

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