NuDock Stories December 1, 2015

If you’re anything like myself, there are plenty of electronics in your life that are in need of daily attention. Power outlets and nightstands get crowded quickly as we juice up our phone, wearable, tablet, laptop and more. While we regularly bring our readers USB-equipped power deals, sleek all-in-one solutions can be tough to come by.

MiTagg first made a run at our nightstand back in the Spring with its Power Station Lamp. Today, its back again with a smaller and sleeker rendition that even includes USB-C. This is the NuDock Mini.

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NuDock Stories April 6, 2015

Apple Watch pre-orders kick off on Friday, which means you could have one on your wrist within a few short weeks. Big name brands have been slowly announcing accessories for Apple’s first wearable, but most have conservative designs and feature sets. Crowdfunding campaigns and smaller companies been revealing more ambitious Apple Watch add-ons. NuDock Power Station Lamp definitely falls into the latter camp.

With custom charging receptacles for your Apple Watch, iPhone, and other USB accessories, NuDock should be the only charging dock you need on your nightstand… expand full story

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