The Panono panoramic camera is filled with 36 lenses that total 108MP and is available for purchase today

Crowdfunding stories don’t always end on a positive note, sometimes they suffer from delayed shipping dates and sometimes the whole project falls through. After a wildly successful campaign on Indiegogo last year, the Panono Panoramic Ball Camera is ready to ship with a special limited edition model available for all to purchase. There will be 1,000 of these “Explorer Edition” cameras that bring an extra rugged design to the 108MP (combined) camera.

The design is pretty cool – simply throw the ball and its 36 cameras will capture photos in all directions. There is some interesting science behind it that allows the ball to take an ideal shot when it has reached its apex in the air. This allows for the “perfect” picture to be captured as the ball stops spinning. Panono’s 16GB on-board memory can hold roughly 600 panoramas at a time.

So what is it going to cost you? On-top of having to be one of the 1,000 customers quick enough to grab one, it will carry a $1,499 price tag. That is expected to drop to somewhere around $599 when production increases. The Panono Explorer Edition is available today for pre-order with an expected shipment date of September.