Parallels Access Stories March 11, 2015

expiredMac app bundle w/ Parallels 10, 1Password 5 and more for $80 ($270 value)

The Parallels Ultimate Mac Pack includes 5 popular pieces of software and offers savings of up to 70%. For $79.99 you’ll get a full version of Parallels 10, 1Password 5, Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac, Snagit, Parallels Access, and Waltr. If you already have a copy of Parallels 8 (or newer) you can buy the $49.99 bundle, which is the same as the aforementioned set, except you’ll only get the upgrade version of Parallels 10.

The standouts of this bundle are Parallels 10 ($80 value) and 1Password 5 ($50 value). Parallels 10, which includes OS X Yosemite support, allows you to run Windows software on your Mac without rebooting. 1Password 5 helps you create and manage strong, unique passwords for your digital life.

It would cost you nearly $270 if you purchased each software title separately at MSRP. Deal expires on March 18th.

Parallels Access Stories January 12, 2015

MacHeist Mac app bundle: Parallels Access, CodeKit, Speedy and more $15 ($239 value)

MacHeist, known for its discounted Mac app bundles, is offering $239 worth of software for $14.99 right now.

While there are a few notable apps in the bundle, including Little Snitch which will unlock for all purchasers if a certain number of bundles are sold, the stand out from the bunch is a one year Parallels Access subscription. It allows for “24/7 access to your Mac or PC from any iOS or Android device,” and is regular $20 on it’s own. For more info on Parallels Access head over to the official site. MacHeist will also be donating 10% of your purchase to the charity of your choice.

Other apps in the bundle include Default Folder X (Reg. $35), VirusBarrier (Reg. $40), uBar (Reg. $20), Speedy (Reg. $20), TotalFinder (Reg. $18), CodeKit (Reg, $32) and more.

More from MacHeist:

When Apple created the Mac App Store, the idea was that a central repository to find and publish apps would benefit both the Mac users and developers. Several years since then, it’s become clear that it benefits neither.

Not only are demos a thing of the past for any app looking to publish on the Mac App Store, but updates that are sometimes critical are delayed by a broken and inconsistent review process. Those two issues are bad, but combined with the fact that independently developed apps have to follow a much stricter set of rules than Apple’s own apps, it’s clear that the only party benefiting from this is Apple.

In protest of this incredibly unfair arrangement, we’ve put together a bundle of 9 incredible apps that can’t be found on the Mac App Store, for just $14.99!

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