Pokémon Sun and Moon on Nintendo 3DS confirmed for holiday 2016

Update (2/26 1:15pm): Pre-orders for the new titles are starting to pop-up on Amazo for both the Sun and Moon version. The 20% off for Prime members is in effect and brings both down to $31.99 shipped (Reg. $40). And the same deal applies for GCU members on Best Buy for both the Sun and Moon version.

Eager Pokémon trainers have been awaiting the first news of the next title in the main series for a while now. After images of what appeared to be the next entry’s logos surfaced yesterday, we now have official word on the new titles. During the 20th anniversary Pokémon Direct event this morning, the new Pokémon Sun and Moon for Nintendo 3DS were officially announced with a holiday 2016 release date.