Pop Science Stories June 24, 2016

Pop Science Stories November 7, 2015

expiredOne year magazine subs from under $3: Maxim, Wired, GQ, ESPN, Rolling Stone, Dwell, Pop Science, many more

DiscountMags has kicked off an Employee Pricing weekend sale with a number of notable deals across many of the most popular magazines.

Titles like Wired, Dwell, ESPN, GQ, Rolling Stone, Golf Digest, Men’s Fitness, Popular Photography, Popular Science, Bon Appetit and many more are all available for below $5 per year ($4.60 – $4.85). While anytime these big name titles dip below $5 it is notable, this weekend’s sale also won’t lock you into to multiple years or multiple subscriptions. The are all the best prices we can find and within cents of the best we see them drop to. Many of which include digital access on iPad and more.

You’ll also find Architectural Digest with digital access for $5.32 per year, which rarely dips below $6, and even better, is the one year sub to Maxim for $2.89. Maxim doesn’t get much lower than this. Both ship free and are at the best prices we can find anywhere.

Outside of the sale, we also have a one year subscription to People Magazine (50 issues) for $49.99 with free shipping using code 9TO5TOYS at checkout. At $1 an issue, this is more than half the price of the usual one year sub and the best we can find.

Keep in mind, you can opt to send these subs as gifts or not. Each subscription in your cart can be sent to a different address with the inclusion of a personalized gift note. Note: there is no sales tax, no delivery fees and DiscountMags will never auto-renew your subscriptions on you.

Pop Science Stories August 21, 2015

expiredMagazine subs from $3/yr: Maxim, Wired, GQ, ESPN, Dwell, Men’s Health, Rolling Stone, Pop Science, many more

The DiscountMags weekend sale is in full swing and we are seeing some very notable multi-year deals here. Mags like Wired, Rolling Stone, Dwell, ESPN and more all come below $5 a year, with Maxim coming down to just $3. Without locking you into a bundle of 4 or more different titles, it doesn’t get much better than this:

Pop Science Stories August 14, 2015

Magazine subs for under $5/yr: Wired, Rolling Stone, Dwell, ESPN, GQ, Pop Science, many more

This weekend, DiscountMags is offering its customers employee pricing on a number of popular titles. It isn’t often that we see this many popular titles drop this low on individual single year subscriptions:

Some of the most notable one year subs include Wired for $4.60, Popular Science for $4.85, Popular Photography for $4.60, GQ for $4.71, Rolling Stone for $4.62, Dwell for $4.81, ESPN for $4.72 and many more. Very rarely do we see these mags dip below $5 without being bundled or locking you into multiple year subscriptions. Many of these subs included digital access for iPad and other devices.

A few to watch out for that do actually go on sale for less than today’s deal from time-to-time include Maxim, Bloomberg and Men’s Health.

As usual, expect free shipping (in the US), no sales tax, and no auto-renewals. Digital access is available once the first print edition arrives, in most cases.

Pop Science Stories May 20, 2014

expiredMagazine subs from $4: Popular Science, Wired w/ digital access, Dwell, more

Today you can grab a one year sub to Wired w/ digital access and free delivery for $5 using code 10925 (which is $55 off the newsstand price, $7 under the sale price). But unlike our usual deals we also have some deeper discounts on multi year subs today: 2 years will run you just $9 and 3 years drops down to $14. That brings Wired magazine down to about $4.50 per year, which is the lowest price we have ever seen on this popular tech mag with digital access included. Oddly enough, the 2 year deal is slightly better value in this case.

We also have Popular Science for $5 with free delivery using code 10925 (which is $43 off the newsstand price, $17 under the sale price). And just like the above Wired deal, the price drops even lower with a multi year subscription: 2 years is $9 and 3 years drops down to $12. At $12, that bring Pop Science down to $4 per year, the lowest we’ve seen.

More notable deals available today with code 10925:

  • Women’s Health w/ digital 1-year sub: $5 (Reg. $50 newsstand, $15 sale) 
  • Dwell 1-year sub: $5 (Reg. $30 newsstand, $20 sale)

Today’s deals are from TopMags where you’ll get free delivery in the US, no sales tax and no auto renewals.

Pop Science Stories April 11, 2014

expiredMagazine Subs: Popular Science (2 yrs.) $9 shipped (Reg. $96), more

Today’s mag deals include a 2 year subscription to Popular Science for $9 shipped using code 9TO5TOYS. That’s $87 off the newsstand price for 2 years and $15 off the DiscountMags sale price. At $4.50 per year, this is matching the lowest we’ve seen on Pop Science including special bundle deals.

Other notable deals available today using promo code 9TO5TOYS include Macworld w/ digital access for $8 ($97 off newsstand, $15 off the sale price) and today is your last chance to grab the special $20, 3 year Bloomberg Businessweek deal. You can also grab a one year sub to a Motor Trend & Automobile Bundle for $9 with free shipping ($10 under the deeply discounted sale price), again using code 9TO5TOYS.

Popular Science 2-year sub: $9 w/ code “9TO5TOYS“ (Reg. $96 at newsstand) – 2 years only Bloomberg BusinessWeek 3-year sub: $20 w/ code “9TO5TOYS“ (Reg. $749 at newsstand) – 3 years only Macworld w/ digital 1-year sub: $8 w/ code “9TO5TOYS“ (Reg. $84 at newsstand) – Up to 2 years

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