Programming language Stories November 24, 2015

Get a jumpstart on your 2016 New Year’s resolution. The Pay What You Want: Learn to Code Bundle at 9to5Toys Specials offers nine beginner-friendly video courses.

The bundle is designed to provide a rounded education in all aspects of development and hacking. A good place to start is with the Become a Certified Web Developer, which eases you in with HTML, CSS, PHP, and MySQL. You learn these fundamental languages from scratch, with hands-on tasks to help you practice your skills. You can then take the course in HTML5 and CSS3, and further your knowledge of PHP and MySQL. Higher level programming is covered by the tracks teaching Ruby and Python, along with a look at the AngularJS framework. You can also learn how to write command-line code for Linux, host your apps with AWS, and upload your projects via Git.

You can pay whatever you like for the AWS and Git courses — just beat the average price paid to unlock the full bundle.

Programming language Stories February 27, 2015

Complete iOS 8 & Swift Dev Course: $998 Value for $89

Enjoy over 36+ hours of elite instruction at the cutting edge of iOS app creation, learning Apple’s Xcode 6 and Swift, their new programming language — for just $89

Everyone’s got an idea for an app, but only you can create the most valuable, sharpest apps using Swift, Apple’s new language used to develop all native iOS & Mac apps…and you can learn it all for about 11% of the original cost.

This invaluable offer makes you suddenly indispensable, as you master integration with 3rd-party APIs like Facebook and more; “Storyboard” helps you create appealing, cleanly-designed products using Apple’s fantastic GUI.  Break it down to the nitty-gritty by building to detect and accommodate any size screen. Store data on the device, or use Apple’s new Cloudkit tool to host your database.  Oh…and it’ll teach you how to pull analytics, as well. We hear those are important.

These knowledge-rich 350 videos and 36.5 hours of content will get you building apps in no time. You know…the ones everyone needs, but no one’s made. Yet.

This close-to-a-thousand-dollar value is yours for just $89…no catch, except that we are running out of this pre-release. So click through to instantly get access to the knowledge you need. All you need is an Intel-based Mac running Mac OS X Snow Leopard or later.

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