PSN Stories October 19

Massive PS4 Halloween Sale from $8 or less: Witcher 3, Bloodborne, BioShock, more

Sony has now kicked-off its massive Halloween Sale of the Dead. Much like last year, it contains hundreds of digital titles with deep price drops including loads of scary options to keep you in the Halloween spirit. You’ll need to be a PS Plus member here to get the lowest possible prices, but many of the deals are solid even without one. This morning’s game roundup has loads of great physical PS4 deals in it, but you’ll find a series of our top picks at the current best prices around down below.

PSN Stories October 17

expiredAdd $50 to your PlayStation Store Wallet and get a free $10 Newegg credit, more

Newegg is now discounting PSN credit. You can grab a $50 PlayStation Store Gift Card with a free $10 Newegg credit for $50 with free digital delivery. As PlayStation and Newegg are set to launch some of the biggest deals of the year for Black Friday, having some discounted credit in your pocket can go a long way. Just remember, the free Newegg gift card will expire on November 30th, 2018. Here are the rest of today’s best console game offerings and be sure to head below for more.

PSN Stories October 16

Digital PS4/Xbox One deals from $4: Final Fantasy, Fallout 4, Overcooked, more

This morning we got some fantastic deals from Amazon on NBA 2K19, Mega Man Legacy and much more. But now both Microsoft and Sony have kicked-off notable sales via their respective digital marketplaces. In both cases you’ll need an Xbox Live Gold or PS Plus membership in order to get the best possible prices, but these deals are pretty solid even without one. Some highlights include the Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition, Fallout 4, Overcooked! 2, Titanfall 2 and many more from $4. Head below for all of our top picks.

PSN Stories October 12

expiredDigital PS4 deals from $15: Mega Man X Collection, AC Origins, Dead Cells, more

Sony has now launched a new flash sale on PSN. We are seeing loads of notable PS4 deals here you can download in hours without even leaving the house. While many of these PSN sales are highlighted by older titles or indie games, today we have some big time deals. Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 and 2 are getting some of their first notable drops today starting at $15 each, just to name a couple. Head over to this morning’s game roundup for the rest of today’s game deals and down below for our top picks from the PSN flash sale.

PSN Stories October 9

expiredDigital PS4 deals from $4: Last Guardian, Journey, Uncharted, Nioh, Madden, more

After seeing a fantastic deal on Shadow of the Tomb Raider in this morning’s Gold Box deals, Sony has now launched a notable PS Plus digital sale. You’ll need to make sure your PlayStation Plus membership is active in order to get the lowest possible price here. However, many of the deals are still solid even without one. Today’s PSN deals are highlighted by The Last Guardian, Journey, Uncharted 4, Madden NFL 19 and many more. Head below for all of our top picks and over to this morning’s game roundup for the rest of today’s best deals.

PSN Stories October 2

Celebrate Halloween on PS4 w/ Friday the 13th for FREE (PS Plus only), more

Well, October is here so it’s time to get into the Halloween spirit. This month’s PlayStation Plus freebies are here to help you celebrate the scariest month of the year with Friday the 13th: The Game. While it certainly didn’t review as well as we had hoped at release, this is a great chance to jump in for free in the days leading up to Halloween. Players take on the role of either a camp counselor or Jason Voorhess himself as the game of cat and mouse ensues. Sure, it’s flawed and won’t be the best game you play this year, but the price is right and it’s perfect timing. For comparison, it’s regularly $40, and right now a physical copy will run you about $26 on Amazon. More details and the rest of this month’s freebies are down below.

PSN Stories September 25

expiredDigital PS4 deals from $7.50: Last of Us, Metal Slug, NieR, Trine, more

Sony has kicked off a few promotions on PSN, which feature deals on THQ titles, The Last of Us content, and a nice selection for PS Plus members. You’ll find some great offers on God of War, Dark Souls Remastered, and Madden NFL 19 in this morning’s roundup, but we have now spotted some notable options via PSN. Some standouts include The Last of Us Remastered and Far Cry 4, as well as a couple of retro remakes and more starting from $7.50. Head below for all of our top picks.

PSN Stories September 18

expiredDigital PS4 titles from $4: Mortal Kombat XL, Batman, LEGO, much more

Sony has now kicked off a series of sales on its digital marketplace. We are seeing loads of deals from Warner Bros including LEGO titles and much more starting from $4. While your typical batch of discounted console games can be found in our daily roundup, we have spotted a few particularly notable deals for PS4 owners down below. One standout here is Mortal Kombat XL at just $9.99. That’s 50% or more off its going rate at Amazon and Best Buy. It also includes just about all the DLC and extra fighters. Head below for the rest of our top picks.

PSN Stories September 11

expiredSony PSN sale w/ PS4 titles from $6: Mega Man Legacy, Tomb Raider, more

Sony has now kicked off a PlayStation Picks Sale on PSN. We are seeing a nice batch of digital deals on PS4 titles you can download without leaving the couch. In this case, PS Plus members can knock an additional 10% off many of the offers yielding some notable deals on the Mega Man Legacy Collections, Tomb Raider, The Witcher 3 and many more. Speaking of which, this month’s PS Plus freebies include God of War III Remastered and Destiny 2. Head below for all of our top picks from the sale and over to this morning’s game roundup for even more.

PSN Stories September 7

expiredToday’s Best Game Deals: Madden NFL 19 $40, Red Dead Redemption $10, more

In today’s best game deals, Sony is now offering digital downloads of the new Madden NFL 19 on PS4 for $40.19. You can also grab the Hall of Fame Edition that comes with loads of extra goodies at 20% off or $63.99. The standard version is $60 everywhere including Best Buy and Amazon and is a better deal on PSN even without the extra pre-order credit.

Microsoft’s backwards compatibility sale with loads of older titles you can play on your Xbox One is still in full swing. You’ll find titles like BioShock Infinite, Red Dead Redemption and many more from just $2.

More game/console deals:

ICYMI: Here are the best console game releases for September: Spider-Man, Tomb Raider, Labo, more. CD Projekt released an impressive 48-min gameplay demo of Cyberpunk 2077 and here is the new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Pro Controller and bundle.

Down below you’ll find more console game deals and new products. Your daily iOS/Mac app sales are on the way!

PSN Stories September 4

expiredGod of War III & Destiny 2 are FREE on PS4 this month (PS Plus only) + more

This month’s PlayStation Plus freebies are highlighted by God of War III Remastered, Destiny 2 and Foul Play for PS4. From now through October 2nd, PS Plus members can add all these games and more to their PS4 library for free. Speaking of which, we have a great deal on PS Plus memberships right now at $46.99. And remember, you can extend your existing subscription while the price is right, no need to wait until it lapses. More details below.

PSN Stories August 31

expiredDigital PS4 Flash Sale: Bloodborne Complete $12, Child of Light $4, many more

Sony has now kicked off a notable flash sale on PSN alongside the recent Rockstar and PS Plus specials. We are now seeing a number of nice PS4 deals on titles to fill up your back catalogue including Bloodborne, Final Fantasy and more. Hit up this morning’s game roundup for today’s best deals and down below for our top picks from the flash sale.

PSN Stories August 28

expiredDigital PS4/Xbox One deals from $6: Mega Man, Monster Hunter, RE7, more

While this morning’s roundup already has a massive list of discounted games, both Sony and Microsoft have kicked off a pair digital promotions. We are seeing deep deals on Rockstar games and content across both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Microsoft has also kicked off quite a notable Capcom sale with deals from just $6 or less and PS Plus members are getting some exclusive price drops today on big names titles like Mega Man, Monster Hunter, Senua’s Sacrifice and more. Head below for all of our top picks.

PSN Stories August 21

expiredToday’s Best Game Deals: Ratchet & Clank from $7, Mario + Rabbids $30, more

In today’s best game deals, Sony is now offering Ratchet & Clank on PS4 for $8.99, down from the usual $20. And PS Plus members can drop an additional 10% off to score the game for $7. “Ratchet & Clank blasts onto PlayStation 4 for the first time, with a new game based on elements from the original Ratchet & Clank”.

More game/console deals:

ICYMI: Amazon shutting down Prime game pre-orders next week, lock-in your 20% discount now.

Down below you’ll find more console game deals and new products. Your daily iOS/Mac app sales are on the way!

PSN Stories August 20

expiredToday’s Best Game Deals: God of War $35, Witcher 3 Complete $25, more

In today’s best game deals, as part of its ongoing Blockbuster Sale, Sony is still offering God of War for $39.59. And PS Plus members can grab it for just $34.80. That’s matching the lowest price we have ever tracked on the stellar new entry to the series.

More game/console deals:

Down below you’ll find more console game deals and new products. Your daily iOS/Mac app sales are on the way!

PSN Stories August 17

expiredSony PSN Sale from $6: Horizon Zero Dawn, Metro, Uncharted, Tomb Raider, more

(Update 8/17 2:55pm): We have now updated this post with a great deal on God of War from $35 (PS Plus price).

While Sony is already running a pair of notable digital PSN promotions, it has just kicked off the Attack of the Blockbuster Sale with loads of solid PS4 deals. All of our top picks are down below starting from $6 for PlayStation Plus members. You’ll need an active subscription to get the prices listed below, but most options are at notable prices even without one. Head below for all the deals.

PSN Stories August 10

expiredQuake-Con PS4/Xbox One Deals from $10: Fallout 4, Dishonored, Prey, DOOM, more

Quake-Con 2018 is now underway in Texas and we are starting to see some notable Bethesda game sales from both Sony and Microsoft to celebrate. While you’ll want to double check this morning’s roundup for any titles you would prefer a physical copy of, we have listed some of the most notable deals on both platforms you can download from the couch this weekend down below.

PSN Stories August 1

expiredGrab Mafia 3 & Dead by Daylight for FREE on PS4 + more (PS Plus only)

PlayStation Plus members are in for a treat this month. August’s freebies include Mafia 3 and Dead by Daylight for PS4 as well Bound by Flame and Serious Sam 3 BFE for PS3. As usual, you’ll need a PS Plus membership to grab the free games, but they will remain in your library for as long as your subscription is valid. Head to this morning’s roundup for more game deals and down below for more details.

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