Quell & Company Stories October 25, 2014


Small States features small companies that design and manufacture within the United States. 

What makes a great product? Quality materials. Simple yet functional design. Beautiful craftsmanship. This week, we’ve found a dock that manages to check off everything on the list.

Meet the Spool Dock from Quell & Company. The home for your iPhone and iPad mini that not only looks beautiful, but also functions beautifully.

It is the first dock I’ve used that truly made me want to interact with it. With the Spool Dock it goes beyond charging your phone, it’s an experience.

Hand crafted using home grown wood and wool felt, this dock is capable of more than your average charging station from the Apple Store. It is a well-thought-out design that adjusts for a wide variety of scenarios in a way most cannot.

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Quell & Company Stories October 2, 2014


Apple left a gaping hole in the accessory world when it decided not to release an updated dock for the new, larger iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Shortly after their release, third party manufacturers have brought forth some beautiful and functional docks, but most are made of either aluminum or hard plastics.

A new company on the iPhone accessory scene, Quell & Company, which was co-founded by former Nike designer Jeremy Saxton, has created an iPhone Spool Dock that won’t feel out of place amongst modern home decor… expand full story

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