Quirky Aros Stories March 4, 2015

Panasonic’s new Bluetooth and LED equipped smart air conditioner does more than just keep you cool

These days it seems that just about every new toy we come across features some sort of hybrid design, attempting to bring in the best technologies from various product categories into one. We recently spotted Sony’s talking personal assistant on wheels and ADATA’s new multi-function microReader, and now Panasonic is readying its new Bluetooth speaker/home air conditioner combo for this summer.

Along with wireless audio streaming from your smartphone and a few unique cooling options, the upcoming Panasonic CS-NX405C series air conditioners also provide some interesting home lighting options as well

While information is still somewhat limited, the units will feature typical Bluetooth audio streaming via your smartphone through built-in speakers as well as a lighting system that illuminates the ceiling. Based on Google translated information, the indoor LED lighting has two options (warm color and warm white). A similar option is also found with the air dispersal, allowing users to point the unit towards the ceiling for quieter operation and less direct contact with the air flow.

It appears the new units will be used in conjunction with the Good Night Navi app, which allows for several smart features like scheduling, auto music shut-off at bedtime, and temperature control based on your location in the home/office.

Compared to something like the smart Quirky Aros air conditioner, it seems the CS-NX405C options are somewhat limited when it comes to smart functionality and being connected with other intelligent home devices. The Quirky ecosystem seems to be a much more elegant looking option as well. However, information is still coming out on the NX units and the Aros certainly won’t be playing the songs off your smartphone or tablet any time soon.

The new Panasonic CS-NX405C series air conditioners are set for a April 21st launch in Japan (no North American date has been set). Official pricing is yet to be determined, but don’t expect these units to come cheap.

Quirky Aros Stories August 22, 2014

Aros smart window air conditioner $177 shipped (orig. $300), Quirky 25% off sitewide

Amazon is offering the Quirky Aros Smart Window Air Conditioner for $177 shipped (matched at Walmart). That’s $123 or 41% off the original listing, between $102 and $72 off the average selling price from trusted retailers and the lowest price we’ve seen by $27.

The Quirky Aros Smart Air Conditioner is a fresh take on your average window air conditioner and comes with intelligent features to learn which settings you like best and when. This 8,000 BTU unit can also track usage so adjustments can be made to save on your energy bill. It can cool a room up to about 350 square feet and will slide into any window between 24.5 to 40.5-inches. Check out the introduction video below for more details.

While it has received mixed reviews so far, at nearly 50% off the list price this particular deal seems to be worth a mention for anyone who is specifically interested in the Aros.

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