The bicycle has seen plenty of evolution over the last 100 years. One of the biggest area of improvements has been the materials used to create a safer and lighter ride. However, the basic design has largely stayed the same. While there are many high-end options that provide different layouts, styles, etc, the majority of riders are still perched on a seat upon two wheels.

Even recumbents are becoming more common-place across the United States for cyclists looking for an alternative option. The prone-style has not picked up as much traction, however. Instead of sitting up or reclining, like the other two examples, this model lays riders out, chest down, across the length of the bicycle. It has its benefits too: more torque and improved aerodynamics.

That’s where Bird of Prey Bicycles comes in. After nearly 25 years of design and tweaking, its new prone bicycle is set to be released. With a unique design and big price tag, it’s turning heads across the cycling community.

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