Retro Gaming Stories January 9

expiredMini C64 Retro Gaming Console hits one of its best prices yet: $25 (Reg. $40)

GameStop is now offering the C64 Mini Retro Gaming Console for $24.99 with free shipping in orders over $35. Otherwise, opt for in-store pickup to avoid the delivery fee. This miniature retro console sold for $40 or more across 2019 on Amazon where it has now trickled down to about $30. Today’s deal is $5 below our previous mention and one of the best prices we have ever tracked. This miniature remake console resembles the classic 1980’s Commodore 64 but with 720p resolutions over HDMI, a vintage 4:3 ratio, save states, and additional region-based viewing modes. It also includes a joystick and 64 retro built-in titles including Impossible Mission, Speedball, and Paradroid as well as loads of pixelated sports titles and more. Much like the SEGA Genesis Mini, and the Nintendo variants before that, it makes for as good a collectible as it does a tiny playable console. Rated 4+ stars. More details below.

Retro Gaming Stories October 31, 2017

Retro gaming is all the rage lately. Seriously, it seems like there’s a new retro gaming product announced every week, and I’m perfectly OK with that. I grew up with old-style arcade games as my father worked for Aladin’s Castle and Namco as I grew up, so I was always surrounded by arcade-style gaming. But, enough reminiscing, it’s time to talk about the Cary42. The company behind Cary42, Love Hulten, says the name came about because they wanted to say you could “carry for two.”

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Retro Gaming Stories August 22, 2016


Analogue is perhaps best known for its pricey aluminum NES remake that it released back in early 2015. Today, it’s back with a new version that’s 20% smaller and has a slightly less expensive price tag. The Analogue Nt mini is still made out of a solid-block of aluminum but includes the addition of full 1080p output. With the upcoming NES Classic that was recently announced, retro gamers will have plenty of options over the next few months…

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Retro Gaming Stories August 4, 2016

nintendo power covers

You can now browse 13 years (145 issues) of Nintendo Power for free on the Internet Archive. The iconic video game magazine was published from August 1988 to December 2012, but the online collection currently only runs up to June 2001. This release comes just after Nintendo shot retro gaming into the mainstream with the announcement of its mini NES Classic Edition.

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Retro Gaming Stories July 27, 2016

retro receiver snes

Virtual reality may be all the rage right now in video games, but there’s still a ton of love for 2D classics. Emulators and Nintendo’s Virtual Console do a good job of replicating the retro gaming experience. However, at the end of the day, it’s just not the same.

Luckily, 8bitdo and Analogue have once again teamed up to help bridge the gap between modern and old school gaming. This time the tandem has set its sights on one of our favorite consoles from the 90’s: Super Nintendo. Now instead of being tethered to the SNES with its short controller cord, you can grab the latest Retro Receiver and go wireless.

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Retro Gaming Stories February 16, 2016


Retro gaming has seen a spike in interest over the last few years with popular titles like Mario Maker and Rare Replay enjoying recent success. It’s not a surprise that many projects are attempting to cash in on this trend. Just this weekend at Toy Fair 2016, the Coleco Chameleon retro gaming console made its debut. After a failed IndieGoGo campaign last year, the guys behind this project are back with a new licensing deal and eyes on a new round of crowdfunding. The question is, will its cartridge-style games spark enough interest? More below.

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