Roav Stories October 4

expiredAlways have a record of your drives w/ Roav’s 1080p dash cam at $49.50 (Reg. $60)

Walmart offers the Anker Roav DashCam A1 1080p Camera for $49.72 shipped. Normally $60 at Amazon, this is the best available right now. Although we’ve seen it for slightly less in the past ‐ we previously saw it for $41 back in July ‐ it’s otherwise been between $55 and $60 for the last few months. You’ll get 1080p recording, an included SD card, and enhanced night vision to record everything, day or night. Rated 4.4/5 stars.

Roav Stories July 11

expiredThe Roav C1 1080p Dash Cam is a must-have for summer road trips: $55 (Reg. $75)

AnkerDirect via Amazon offers its Roav C1 1080p Dash Cam for $54.99 shipped when code CAMERA06 is used at checkout. Regularly closer to $75, this is just $3 above is all-time low and a match for the price we saw most of June. Whether you plan to record summer road trips or just want to keep track of potential issues on the road, this is a great way to do so. Rated 4.1/5 stars.

Roav Stories July 5

expiredGet in-car navigation, Alexa, more w/ the Roav VIVA for $40 shipped (Reg. $60)

AnkerDirect via Amazon offers its Roav VIVA Alexa-Enabled 2-Port USB Car Charger for In-Car Navigation and more at $39.99 shipped when code VIVAPDDL is used at checkout. Regularly $60, this is just $1 above our last mention and the best available. If you’ve been in the market for a new high-powered car charger with extra features, VIVA packs in-car navigation, Alexa, and more. Rated 3.8/5 stars from hundreds. Learn more about the Roav VIVA in our announcement coverage.

Roav Stories June 19

expiredRoav’s A1 1080p Dash Cam drops to $44.50 shipped at Amazon (Reg. $60)

AnkerDirect via Amazon offers its Roav A1 1080p Dash Camera for $44.59 shipped. Normally closer to $60, this is within $5 of its all-time low at Amazon and is the best available. Dash cameras can be crucial in times of accidents, or just beneficial if you’re on a trip and want a record of the beautiful mountain scenery you just drove through. Rated 4.2/5 stars.

Roav Stories May 9

expiredRoav’s C1 Pro Dash Cam captures 1440p & has a built-in GPS to track drives: $80 (Reg. $105)

AnkerDirect via Amazon offers its Roav C1 Pro 1440p Dash Camera for $79.99 shipped when you use code C1PROCAM at checkout. Regularly around $106, this is one of the best deals we’ve tracked and is just $5 above our last mention from a limited sale. The Roav C1 Pro is great for recording all of your drives as it can capture stunning 1440p video. Rated 4/5 stars.

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