Robot Stories February 18, 2019

When it comes to buying robots, there is a vast supply of options to consider. Many of the choices available aim to not only be fun to interact with, but are also educational and help users learn how to code. Not all robots are created equal as the Sharp RoBoHoN robot line-up has much loftier goals than many of Amazon’s best-sellers.

Sharp is showing a continued interest in developing RoBoHoN. The company has announced new and updated models that are now available for pre-order. The second generation includes three robots distinguished by one that is always seated, and another that walks and connect to Wi-Fi, and finally, a top-tier walking option that also wields LTE connectivity.

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Robot Stories January 25, 2018

Imagine being able to tell Alexa to get you a drink or to grab the morning paper. It isn’t too far-fetched of an idea and the technology to have moving digital assistants is emerging as we speak. One of these such robots is called Ziro. It was initially built to work with hand gestures a couple of years ago, but now it has gained the abilities to take voice commands using Alexa or Google Assistant. This is just more one more step towards having robot assistants in our daily lives.

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Robot Stories January 4, 2018

Set to hit the stage at CES 2018 next week is Cubroid’s latest smart toy for kids. Cubroid is a robotics startup with products designed and developed in Newport Beach, California. The company was founded by a team of experts and engineers who are involved with advancing creative and fun educational ideas for children. It’s newest development is called CURO and it will teach the little ones of the world how to code and learn to interact with AI like never before.

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Robot Stories January 8, 2016


We saw plenty of nifty gadgets and fresh technology at CES 2016 this week. Perhaps, none more intriguing than Segway’s new Robot butler. Having partnered with Intel, Segway is leveraging its experience with two-wheeled vehicles in a collaboration that delivers a product bound to interest any technology geek…

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Robot Stories December 28, 2015


We’ve seen a rush of DIY robotic and computing kits for kids as popularity has risen over the last year. Companies like littleBits and Kano have introduced a handful products that put the power of computing into the hands of everyone. A new subscription service called Thimble recently launched on Kickstarter with eyes on delivering a project each month. Based on the reception its received, there is plenty of interest from campaign backers.

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Robot Stories December 8, 2015


I don’t mind mixing it up in the kitchen. But to be honest, it would be nice to have a personal chef. That’s not likely to happen any time soon. While there are some products that can help me make a meal, there aren’t many options out there that will be do it for me. Insert Moley. A new start-up that has created a full-on robotic kitchen with an iPad-like interface and eyes on revolutionizing food prep. Think iRobot meets Guy Fieri…

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