roost-wifi-batteryThe Roost smart battery cleverly disguises itself as a typical 9V battery. But it’s so much more. This battery can send notifications to your iOS or Android device whenever your smoke or CO alarm goes off. The best part is that it doesn’t require you to replace your old detectors. Instead, you just pop the Roost battery into your existing detectors and you’re good to go.

roost-wifi-battery It works 24/7 and doesn’t require a subscription of any kind. You can even allow friends and family receive notifications as an extra layer of protection for when you’re out of town.

Each Roost is equipped with a replaceable lithium battery pack that lasts about 5 years. You’ll get an alert letting you know when the battery is on its last legs and then you’ll have to order a replacement for $14.99.

Late last year Roost took Kickstarter by storm and then made a splash a few months later during CES. Now, Roost is finally ready for primetime: pre-orders are now open at Amazon with a September release. A single Roost will cost you $34.99, while the 2-pack offers a slight discount at $64.99. expand full story