Scosche Stories July 30

Today Scosche is launching its latest collection of car mounts with a new lineup of telescoping models. The new Extendo series arrives with the most versatile design yet from Scosche and delivers three choices in mounting options including magnets, one with built-in Qi charging, and more. The collection is now available for purchase, so hit the jump for all the details on the Scosche Extendo car mounts including pricing information and more.

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Scosche Stories July 29

Scosche’s new MagicGrip enters as a high-tech proposition for bringing 10W Qi charging and more to your car. The new Qi mount goes one step further by delivering an auto-locking feature that automatically grips your smartphone for one-handed usage. Over the past week, I’ve been putting the new accessory to the test, seeing if the Scosche MagicGrip packed enough value to justify the $70 price tag. Head below for a closer look at the unique Qi charging mount and to get all the details in our latest review.

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