Sega Stories December 13, 2018

If you owned a SEGA Genesis during your childhood, there’s a good chance you’ll be ecstatic to hear that Amazon is bringing several of its classics to Fire TV devices. Popular titles include Sonic the Hedgehog 1 & 2, Sonic CD, Golden Axe 1-3, The Revenge of Shinobi, and many more. The total number of classics coming to Fire TV is 25, but there will be no need to buy each one individually as they will all be bundled together under the unsurprising name of SEGA Classics. expand full story

Sega Stories October 1, 2018

expiredSEGA classic Streets of Rage 2 is now FREE on iOS/Android (Reg. $1)

SEGA launched its Forever Classic Games Collection last summer. The program has steadily brought many of the most beloved SEGA classics to iOS and Android for free. Previously we saw Golden Axe, Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Ep. II, and many more. After seeing the original Streets of Rage hit the service back in December followed by the announcement of a brand new reboot a couple of months ago, the sequel is now free on mobile. Regularly $1, Streets of Rage 2 Classic is now free for the first time (and permanently) on both iOS and Android. With both versions combined, you’re looking at a 4+ star rating from about 1,000 gamers. More details below.

Sega Stories August 27, 2018

While old-school gaming just seemingly gets more and more popular with every YouTube play-through video that gets uploaded, the classic side-scrolling beat-em genre mostly died off with the 16-bit era consoles. Double Dragon has seen a couple of revivals as of late, but today publisher DotEmu has announced the sequel to Streets of Rage. expand full story

Sega Stories August 2, 2018

expiredSonic The Hedgehog 4 Ep. II on iOS now FREE for the first time ever (Reg. $3)

SEGA has now added Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Ep. II to its growing SEGA Forever lineup of freebie iOS apps. Already including classics like Golden Axe and Space Harrier, Sonic 4 will now be permanently available for nothing. The regularly $3 app has never gone free on the App Store before today. Rated 4+ stars from hundreds. 

Sega Stories June 1, 2018

In today’s best game deals, GameStop is offering Yakuza 0 for $29.99 with free shipping in orders over $35. The game still fetches nearly full price at Amazon and this is matching he lowest we have tracked. “Kiryu and Majima can each switch between three brutal hand-to-hand combat styles on the fly to create the most fluid beatdowns ever experienced in a Yakuza game.”

More game/console deals:

ICYMI: Assassin’s Creed Odyssey confirmed, next game to be set in ancient Greece and we will Return to Pallet Town in Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu!, coming to the Switch this Fall [Video]

Down below you’ll find more console game deals and new products. Your daily iOS/Mac app sales are on the way!

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Sega Stories April 16, 2018

It’s shaping up to be a busy couple of weeks for the folks at Sega. The long-time gaming company has now decided to jump on the retro re-release train with the announcement of the upcoming Sega MegaDrive Mini. Chances are its response is going to be in-line with the Nintendo Classic Edition consoles and we expect stock to be limited once it finally hits store shelves later this year. But that won’t be the only way to play classic Sega titles on modern hardware in 2018.

Sega is planning on bringing a nice collection of its most iconic vintage titles to Switch as individual downloads via the Nintendo eShop this summer. expand full story

Nintendo has taken the gaming world by storm in the last few years, with not only the success of its Switch console, but also thanks to its retro-remake NES and SNES Classic. To no surprise, others have taken notice.

Over the weekend, SEGA’s official Twitter account confirmed an upcoming release of the MegaDrive Mini in celebration of the original’s 30th anniversary. Much like Nintendo’s own retro consoles, it will feature a library of games in a smaller footprint than the original.

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Sega Stories March 14, 2018

After early details leaked about the brand new Tomb Raider sequel today, SEGA has a little announcement of its own. After a quick leak this morning, SEGA has now officially announced that a new collection of SEGA classics are coming to current generation hardware with a number of interesting tweaks and enhancements. expand full story

Sega Stories February 21, 2018

Bandai Namco and Sega are teaming for a new mobile cross-over promotion. Sonic the Hedgehog and PAC-MAN will be jumping in to each other’s games on iOS and Android. While bringing gaming’s fastest character together with one of its slowest might not seem like the most obvious move, if you ever wanted to zip around a Sonic-themed PAC-MAN maze with everyone’s favorite blue hedgehog, now’s your chance. expand full story

Sega Stories March 9, 2016

Sega Stories May 21, 2015

Remember all those old console and handheld games that are still in your mom’s attic? The ones you couldn’t stand to throw out, in hopes that one day an answer to your nostalgic gaming needs would bring these titles back like a Phoenix from the ashes. Today, is your lucky day…at least in Japan.

A new console from an Asian company called Cyber Gadget aims to bring back all of your favorite games from a variety of formats. All told, over 11 different gaming platforms will be supported and the list includes all the favorites… expand full story

Sega Stories December 24, 2014

expiredUp to $220 worth of paid Android apps for free: Plex, Terraria, Sonic The Hedgehog 2, djay 2, Fleksy, many more

Starting now through December 26th, the Amazon App Store is offering what it’s calling the “largest Free App of the Day bundle ever.” While we have certainly seen Android sales rivaling today’s in the past, there are over $220 worth of paid apps for free available including the #1 Best Selling Entertainment App on Amazon, Plex. It is regularly listed at $5 and has received a 4+ star rating from over 30,000 reviewers on Google Play and Amazon combined.

Other notable freebies in the sale include: Terraria (Reg. $5), Five Nights at Freddy’s (Reg. $3), Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (Reg. $3), djay 2 (Reg. $3), Age of Zombies: Season 2 (Reg. $1), Angry Birds Space (Ad-Free) (Reg. $1), Fleksy Keyboard (Reg. $2) and many more.

Amazon is also offering up to 30% off Amazon Coins (which can be used for future app/in-app purchases), and you’ll find more game deals still live in our latest roundup.

Sega Stories December 10, 2014

There are many ways to enjoy classic 8 and 16-bit games from the past, whether it be emulators or just dusting off the old SNES. There are also a number of newer dedicated consoles that can play old cartridges and run emulators, but none quite like Pitendo.

Combining the power and flexibility of a B+ Raspberry Pi inside a mini NES looking case, Pitendo offers much more than your average classic emulator console.

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Sega Stories July 31, 2014

Sega has released its anticipated new Crazy Taxi: City Rush game today for iOS. Unlike its predecessor which goes for $4.99, the new Crazy Taxi game is free-to-play.

This is the first title in the series that was specifically designed for mobile from the ground up and promises an enhanced take on what made the original so addictive. Players get “one-touch, intuitive controls” that allow you to “speed, drift, whip around corners, weave through traffic, up ramps and into the air. The crazier you drive the higher your rewards.”

The original title was ported to mobile devices in 2012 and has received 4 stars from 7121 Ratings. The creator of the original Dreamcast Crazy Taxi game, Kenji Kanno, is back at the helm on City Rush alongside Hardlight Studios who were previously responsible for Sonic Dash and Sonic Jump. Head below for a quick dev diary featuring some action oriented gameplay:

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Sega Stories June 20, 2014

expiredGames/Apps: The Last of Us Remastered $50, Titanfall FREE for 2 days on PC, Sonic iOS sale from $1, more


In today’s best game/app deals, The Last of Us Remastered for PS4 is $50 shipped (Reg. $60) on Amazon, Origin is letting PC gamers play Titanfall for FREE for two straight days this weekend as part of its new “Origin Game Time” program. Keep in mind, the service is currently rolling out globally over the next several hours so it may not be available in your area just yet.

Newegg is offering Rocksmith 2014 (no cable included) on Mac/PC for $15 (Reg. $60), the lowest we’ve seen the title go for on Mac.

Yesterday, a number of highly rated Sonic the Hedgehog titles dropped on Android, and today all of those games are discounted on iOS as well. Regularly priced at $3 – $4, below you’ll find Sonic & SEGA All-Stars RacingSonic The HedgehogSonic CD and more for just $1 each. You’ll find yesterday’s Android Sonic deals below as well.

Head below for today’s best iOS/Mac deals including Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic for $5 (Reg. $10), Trainz Simulator for $1 (Reg. $6) and Clear Day – (Formerly Weather HD) on Mac for $1 (Reg. $2).

In case you missed it yesterday, EA kicked off a huge iOS sale dropping as much 90% off over 55 popular titles. You’ll find links to that and more hot deals still alive below:

Sega Stories January 2, 2014

In today’s best game/app deals, Readdle’s popular Scanner Pro app goes free, Sega releases the brand new Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed on iOS, Hotline Miami (87/100 Metascore) is just $2.50 on Amazon for a PS3/PS Vita cross buy, and be sure to head below for your usual list of free and discounted iOS apps.

Sega has released an all new version of its kart racing franchise for iOS today with Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. It packs a brand new World Tour, multiplayer, weekly challenges and 10 legendary racers with more “coming soon!” While the new iOS game can be had for $5, its PC counterpart is available for just $5 down from $20 (4-pack for $15) as part of Amazon’s digital holiday sale. You’ll also find deals on DuckTales Remastered, Walking Dead content, BioShock and the Mass Effect Trilogy at up to 75% off, among many others.

Xbox One Game Deals:
Ryse $40 (Reg. $60)
Forza 5 $40 (Reg. $60)
Dead Rising 3 $40 (Reg. $60)
Xbox One console IN STOCK

Nintendo Wii U: Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag $34.99 (Reg. $60)

Star Wars: The Complete Saga (Episodes I-VI) $59.99 with free shipping (Reg. $140)
Up to 70% off hit 3D Blu-rays
including Predator, Prometheus, Rio, and many more
Bond 50 [With Skyfall] on Blu-ray $94.99 w/ free shipping (Reg. $300) – Also Best Buy, includes 23 discs

iOS deals below:

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Sega Stories November 21, 2013

Today in gaming, Amazon’s Black Friday game sale has begun, and have some solid iOS price drops with more than 70% off Mega Man X ($1, Reg. $5) and Jet Set Radio ($2, Reg. $3), among many others.

Amazon has started offering some great game deals in its pre Black Friday sale including discounts on the BioShock Triple Pack ($15), Borderlands 1 & 2 ($12), various Rockstar titles and a number of other indie titles. You can also grab Civ V Gold and Brave New World for $20.

GTA-V-PS3-500gb-deal 500GB PlayStation 3 Grand Theft Auto V Bundle $219.99 w/ free shipping (Reg. $269.99)

Head below for the rest of today’s iOS, Android and Mac deals/freebies:

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Sega Stories October 3, 2013

In today’s game deals, Amazon is running an interesting PS4 Dualshock promo,  The Cave drops to $5 on the Mac and is now available for iOS and we also have the day’s best discounted apps below. 

Amazon is offering $30 towards the purchase of a new Dualshock 4 controller when trading in $30 worth of qualifying games. With the promo, a PlayStation 4 Dualshock 4 wireless controller will run you only $30, compared to the usual $60. Best of all, you get the $30 credit “in addition to your trade-in value.” Amazon has a search function where you can check to see what titles qualify, even games you didn’t purchase through Amazon are eligible. The PlayStation 4 will be released next month on November 15th.


Amazon’s $30 for $30 Dualshock 4 trade-in promotion

Sega has released the popular puzzle adventure title The Cave on iOS today. Developed by the creator of Monkey Island Ron Gilbert and Tim Schafer’s Double Fine, the game features seven different characters to choose from and switch between through “exotic locations including a subterranean amusement park, medieval castle, and fully armed nuclear research facility.” The Cave is available now on iPad and iPhone for $5. The Cave for Mac is also available at $5 today, down from $15.

iOS Universal: The Cave: $5 (Just released) Mac: The Cave: $5 (Reg. $15)

Descend into the mysterious depths of The Cave in this adventure game from Monkey Island creator Ron Gilbert and Double Fine Productions…Assemble a team of unlikely adventurers – each with their own unique personalities and stories– and descend into the heart of a sprawling, sentient cave in order to find that which is most important to each of them.

iOS Universal: 8 Ball Pool™: FREE (Reg. $1) iOS Universal: Dark Nebula HD – Episode One: FREE (Reg. $2) iOS Universal: XnRetro: FREE (Reg. $1) iOS Universal: KAYAK PRO: FREE (Reg. $1) iOS Universal: Video 2 Photo – extract still pictures from movies: FREE (Reg. $2) iOS Universal: Bouncy! Trampoline: FREE (Reg. $1)

iPhone: Convert ~ the unit calculator: $1 (Reg. $3)

iPad: TC-11: $8 (Reg. $30) – “the only fully programmable multi-touch synthesizer for the iPad.” iPad: Faces iMake – ABC: FREE (Reg. $2)

Android: My Weekly Budget – MyWB: FREE (Reg. $1) – Today only

Mac: Call of Duty Bundle: $40 (Reg. $130) – incl. Black Ops, Modern Warfare and COD 2

GamersGate is holding a massive Mac game sale this weekend starting today, including Civ V content and Borderlands 2 add-ons at up to 75% off.

Angry Birds-25% off storewide-shop-sale-01If you’re in the market for some Angry Birds games, shirts, toys and just about anything else, the official shop is offering 25% off store wide with promo code: CELEBRATE25M.

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