Seinfeld Stories December 18, 2015

expiredDaily Deals: Black & Decker 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Drill Kit $63, Seinfeld: The Complete Series on DVD Gift Set $50, more

In this morning’s Daily Deals, we have from Amazon the Black & Decker (BDC120VA100) 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Drill Kit with 100 Accessories for $62.99 shipped. That’s $76 off the original list price and the lowest we’ve seen it listed at Amazon. It has a lithium-ion battery that can hold a charge up to 18 months and the pack includes one battery, a charger and the accessory kit. Over 700 Amazon customers gave it 4.5/5 stars

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Seinfeld: The Complete Series Gift Set on DVD $50 (Orig. $160) | Amazon

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Seinfeld Stories September 2, 2015

In the battle of online streaming services, Hulu has slowly taken the lead over its competitors. Netflix has made a push to increase its original content offerings while Hulu has focused on adding movies, current season television shows and hit syndicated re-runs like Seinfeld. The former has always held one distinct advantage over its competitor: no ads. Until today. Hulu has announced that will now offer its catalog sans advertisements. But it will come at a price.

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Seinfeld Stories June 29, 2015


Washing your clothes is a chore. Especially, if you don’t have your own laundry setup at home or live in a small apartment. Sure there are some compact traditional washer and dryers, but ultimately they still require space and energy that some aren’t willing to compromise for.

Enter Yirego’s Drumi. The no-electricity washing machine that is compact, made of recyclable materials and lets you skip the public laundromats. Which is good news, because you never know what has been in the machine before you.  expand full story

Seinfeld Stories May 6, 2015


Some of you may remember the 90’s point and click graphical adventure game Myst. It was widely regarded as one of the games that helped usher in the CD-ROM era as well as being the top selling PC game from 1993 until 2002 (12 million copies), when it was surpassed by the Sims. Initially releasing on the Mac (followed by ports on just about every other console out in subsequent years), reports suggest that Hulu has recently picked a new TV series based on the classic PC game. expand full story

Seinfeld Stories April 29, 2015


Update (5/20 1:30pm): Hulu has announced that it will have the full catalog of Seinfeld available on June 24th.

So what’s the deal with online video streaming? Apparently it’s worth upwards of $180 million, in the case of Seinfeld. According to various reports, that’s how much Hulu is paying to bring every episode of the popular 90’s sitcom to its streaming service. Yada Yada Yada, you know the rest, stream it for $8 a month and you’ll have access to the best show in the history of television, unless you can double dip with a friend and mooch on their subscription then all signs point to yes!

But if you’d rather skip on the subscription costs and just own the series out right? Well, Amazon offers the entire Seinfeld collection for $65 on DVD – a sponge-worthy deal indeed. At that price, $180 million looks like a pretty big matzo ball hanging out there.

Whether you’re grabbing all 180 episodes at Amazon or jumping on a Hulu Plus subscription, you can rest easy knowing that you’re a 1/3 of the way closer to the trifecta.

Giddy up.

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Seinfeld Stories March 7, 2015

expiredDaily Deals: Adobe Photoshop Elements $50, Logitech 2.1 speaker system $25, Seinfeld the complete series $47, more

Every morning we search for the best Daily Deals using our Daily Deal finder tool and have them here for you at 9am ET/6am PT.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 13 for PC/Mac $49.99 (orig. $99.99) | Amazon
Logitech 2.1 Speaker System with Subwoofer and Control Pod (refurb) $25 (orig. $129) | Daily Steals
Seinfeld: The Complete Series on DVD $46.99 (orig. $149.99) | Amazon
Apple iPad 2 Wi-Fi  16GB – Black or White refurb $149.95 (orig. $499) | A4C
Acesori GoConnect Lightning USB Connectors, Assorted Colors $5.99 (orig. $9.99) | Staples
Vivitek 4500 Lumen WXGA 3D-Ready DLP Projector refurb $399.99 + $5 shipping | Electronics.Woot
Trio Pro 7 Elite 7″ 16GB tablet $79.99 (orig. $99.99) | Best Buy
Klipsch Image In-ear Headphone $39 (orig. $89) | Daily Steals

All these items are on sale until midnight only. So we will continue to curate the best deals we can find from our Daily Deal finder and have them on the site at 9am ET/6am PT.

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