If you’re anything like myself, it’s not uncommon to have the TV on, iPad propped up and iPhone on hand. The other night was a great example: I was playing Forza 6 on my Xbox One, with Monday Football on my iPad and Twitter going on the iPhone. Thankfully iOS 9 has brought multitasking and picture-in-picture to our favorite tablet, but still having multiple devices going at once can be a struggle.

There is a new Kickstarter campaign that launched yesterday with an eye on simplifying this first world problem. Skreens is a set-top box with up to four inputs that collects all your favorite sources and puts them on one screen. For example, your gaming console, Roku box and DVR can all be shown on one screen.

After just 20 hours, this project has already raised well over three times its original goal. Read on for more details.

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