Smart Bulb Stories April 22, 2016

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Finding Internet-connected lighting for the inside of your home is a pretty simple proposition these days. Just take a look at our Green Deal roundup, Belkin’s line of WeMo products is littered with smart lighting solutions. However, bringing the internet of things to your outdoor spaces is a little trickier.

Enter Ilumi. While this brand already has a nice line of LED products for your home, it has now announced a new product designed for BR30 compatible sockets. Not only does it have the usual Internet of Things and multi-colored features, there is support for Apple Watch and Alexa on the horizon as well. More below.

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Smart Bulb Stories May 3, 2015

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9to5Toys Specials currently has the Revogi Smart Color Bluetooth LED Bulb for $35 with free shipping. It is a great price for a multi-colored, energy-efficient bulb.

The bulb connects to your phone (iOS/Android) via Bluetooth, and it can then be controlled through Revogi’s app. The LEDs are capable of producing sixteen million colors, any of which can be selected via a color wheel in the app, and moving the on-screen slider adjusts overall brightness. You can also set up “smart timers” to switch the bulb on or off at certain times of the day — waking up time and sunset, for instance — and the preset “scenes” offer quick access to certain behaviors, such as pulsing to the beat of music. The other major advantage of this bulb is its energy efficiency; it uses 90% less power than a standard bulb in the same socket.

  • Control all aspects of your lights from an easy-to-use app
  • Choose from 16 million color options
  • Easily control the brightness of your lights
  • Set smart-timers
  • Control up to 10 bulbs from the app
  • Enjoy preset “scenes”
  • Use 90% less energy than with traditional bulbs

To light up your home in style, grab the Revogi here.

Smart Bulb Stories December 6, 2014

expiredWink Smart Home Hub and GE Link Wireless White LED Light Bulb: $16 Prime Shipped ($58 value)

A new Amazon bundle nets you a Wink Smart Home Hub and a GE White LED Wireless Light Bulb for only $15.99 Prime shipped.

It would cost you a total of $58.34 if you were to buy each item individually. That’s a savings of $42.35. What’s more, the bulb alone will currently run you $18.35. So you’re paying more than $2 less to get a bulb and Wink Hub.

Now, Wink hasn’t gotten the best reviews, but at this price it’s probably worth a gamble. According to reviewers, the GE bulb will also work with a SmartThings Hub, so if you don’t have any luck with Wink then you may want to look into trying SmartThings.

More on Wink Smart Hub:

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