SmartThings Stories February 7

More and more folks are decking out their homes with smart plugs, motion sensors, door locks, and lighting. While adding gear to your home can be exhilarating, it can also be daunting when attempting to ensure that every device can talk to one another.

Samsung SmartThings and Wink hubs have existed for many years to help to bridge the gaps, but Hubitat thinks it has a solution that beats the competition in several areas. It’s called Elevation, and like SmartThings and Wink, it works with big names like Alexa and Google Assistant, but also has quite a few tricks up its sleeve. expand full story

SmartThings Stories October 1, 2018

expiredBuild your smart home w/ the Samsung SmartThings Monitoring Kit: $100 (Orig. $200)

Amazon offers the Samsung SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit for $99.99 shipped. Originally $200, we’ve seen it more recently for $150 with today’s deal being a match of the Amazon all-time low. This kit includes everything needed to jump start your smart home, including the SmartThings Hub and a variety of sensors. Rated 4.3/5 stars. With your savings pick up a few more SmartThings accessories to your round out your new setup. The $20 Arrival Sensor is a must-have if you’re into care-free automation.

SmartThings Stories September 10, 2018

It is highly likely that when you hear people talk about tracking keys or backpacks your mind instantly thinks of Tile. This is because Tile has been working on its trackers since 2012 and saw huge success when launching its crowdfunding campaign with pre-orders from over 50,000 backers by mid-2013. If you own a Tile tracker, you likely know that it has distance restrictions due the range of Bluetooth. In most cases this is fine when trying to find something nearby, but there would be a lot more use cases if the range could be extended. And that is exactly what Samsung has set out to do with its new SmartThings Tracker. expand full story

SmartThings Stories October 12, 2015

I’d be willing to bet your home has some sort of smart or internet-connected device. Whether it’s a Nest Thermostat or WeMo smart plugs, the internet is invading our home one small piece of plastic at a time. The struggle with many of these devices, such as the Nest, is that it only provides a data point for one location in your home. While it is possible to add additional thermostats, that’s not a cost-effective solution for most consumers.

That’s where Koto comes in. Its recently launched Indiegogo campaign offers three different sensors that each collect and report on important measurable data in your home, like air quality or dust count. By doing so, Koto is able to paint a more reliable picture of your home’s health and can even recommend on how to improve it…

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SmartThings Stories August 21, 2015

The expanding list of SmartThings compatible sensors, outlets, thermometers, bulbs and more for your house is getting a new controller hub to keep everything connected. Come September, the next gen Samsung SmartThings hub will come available with a few special features in tow:

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SmartThings Stories January 15, 2015


Consumers are making a run for LED bulbs and internet connected devices, today Cree announced a new solution to these trends. Already known for its highly-rated products, Cree is now bringing smart home compatibility with the Connected LED Bulb. They have priced them very competitively, coming in at 50% the price of a comparable smart home lighting option.

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