SNES Stories November 17, 2015

The SNES30 Bluetooth Controller combines modern games with classic hardware: $30 Shipped (Orig. $35, CA Tax Only)

The original SNES controller is a masterpiece of design, and pure gaming nostalgia. The SNES30 is a perfect Bluetooth replica, and you can currently add it to your setup for $30 shipped via 9to5Toys Specials.

Even for someone who spent their youth addicted to Mario Kart, the purple push buttons and responsive D-pad on the SNES30 feel authentic. But unlike Nintendo’s version, this controller works with a wide range of devices. You can hook it up to your PC or Mac for use as a regular Bluetooth controller, or use the supplied USB cable for a wired connection. It also works with the Wii, allowing four players to enjoy retro controls at the same time — nice for virtual console purchases. Equally, you can use the SNES30 with your iOS and Android devices, and it even works on touchscreen-only games. This is a great option, as the controller is very slim, and battery powered. It charges via USB, offering 20 hours of gaming from full, and a life of over 1000 cycles.

Grab the SNES30 now to save 14% on the MSRP, with free shipping to the Continental US.

SNES Stories July 27, 2015

Make your own miniature 3D printed, Raspberry Pi-powered Game Boy emulator

An interesting 3D printed, raspberry Pi-powered Game Boy emulator has popped up on Thingiverse recently. The DIY project combines the versatility of the small Raspberry Pi computers with some intelligent 3D printing to create what is essentially a mini portable Game Boy/SNES handheld console.

At just 75% the size, it has a much smaller footprint than the original Game Boy, and is just a fraction of the size of the giant Raspberry Pi-powered Game Boy emulator we detailed previously.

Packed with a Raspberry Pi A+, a slightly modded controller set-up (inspired by the SNES), and a 5V smartphone battery pack, the 3D printer files for the case and D-pad are provided on Thingiverse.

While you’ll need a 3D printer, a basic knowledge of the Raspberry Pi universe and a bit of ingenuity, it is possible to put one of these suckers together yourself. The instructions aren’t exactly detailed, but they do provide the necessary 3D printer files and a basic rundown of how to put it together.

Source: Slashgear

SNES Stories June 23, 2015

Watch this speedrunner clear Super Mario World for SNES in 23 minutes while blindfolded

There is a thriving community of speedrunners out there that race through some of the best known games in history. There are many forms of speedrunning from finding complex glitches in the game world to zip past large portions of the experience, to tool assisted/emulator runs where gamers dig right into the code of the game. Super Mario World, originally released on the SNES, has been beaten start to finish, in less than 5 minutes using an advanced credits warp glitch, but just recently one speed runner beat it blindfolded:

While speedrunner PangaeaPanga didn’t even come close to the less than 5 minutes clocked by some of his colleagues, he did manage to clear the entire game blindfolded in just over 23 minutes. That’s right, Super Mario World, completely blind in 23 minutes and 14 seconds, and you can watch the whole thing happen above.

Now his run wasn’t without flaw, in fact, he made a few mistakes, but it was nonetheless still a very impressive feat. Relying mainly on some serious memory work, and what appears to be a heavy dependency on the audio (notifications from nearby devices seem to throw him off), he lands right at Bowser’s castle within about 13 minutes.

You would think PangaeaPanga has been practicing this for years, but apparently that isn’t the case. He just started to train blindfolded on the 16th of June and began making serious attempts just this past weekend. Keep in mind, he has likely been playing this game for years, and he is a professional speedrunner who takes his games pretty seriously (as you can see).

SNES Stories June 22, 2015


GameStop took to its Twitter account this morning to announce the launch of the new Retro Classics section on its online storefront. The national gaming retailer is stocking everything from refurbished vintage consoles to a wide selection of pre-owned NES, SNES, Genesis, N64, PS1 and Dreamcast titles: expand full story

SNES Stories June 2, 2015

Game Boy XXL-Nintendo-giant-05

Nintendo’s Game Boy handheld console has inspired a wealth of mobile gaming devices over the years, from its own 3DS XL to tiny custom made players the size of a credit card, and many more. While Nintendo’s archive of famous titles and consoles have been emulated and hacked to death over the years, the new Game Boy XXL might be one of the biggest nods to the beloved gaming company yet.

Nearly as tall as a person, and capable of playing all your favorite Game Boy, NES and SNES titles, this is one giant bit of Nintendo nostalgia you won’t want to miss: expand full story

SNES Stories May 21, 2015


Remember all those old console and handheld games that are still in your mom’s attic? The ones you couldn’t stand to throw out, in hopes that one day an answer to your nostalgic gaming needs would bring these titles back like a Phoenix from the ashes. Today, is your lucky day…at least in Japan.

A new console from an Asian company called Cyber Gadget aims to bring back all of your favorite games from a variety of formats. All told, over 11 different gaming platforms will be supported and the list includes all the favorites… expand full story

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