Spotify Stories May 17

Earlier today Spotify announced that it’s currently testing a new device called Car Thing. It’s being developed to help the company continue its focus on becoming the ‘the world’s number one audio platform’. Spotify’s Car Thing is powered via a vehicle’s 12-volt outlet and will be primarily operated with voice.

Spotify is not the only company dabbling with bringing easier voice controls to cars. Amazon has been working on Echo Auto, an Alexa device developed solely with the car in mind. Anker has taken a stab at Alexa and Google Assistant in the car with its Roav Viva and Bolt.

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Spotify Stories May 15

Enjoy 3 months of Spotify’s Premium music streaming service for just $1 ($30 value)

Spotify is offering 3 months of its Premium music streaming service for $0.99Note: This promotion is valid for new subscribers only. If you’ve ever had Premium in the past, even on a similar promotion, your account is not eligible this time around. Normally $9.99 per month, this is a $30 value and a match for the best that we normally see Spotify on sale for. I’ve been a Spotify user for nearly 10 years and there’s no sign of my membership stopping anytime soon. Not sure whether you should use the built-in Apple Music or Spotify? We can help you make that decision.

Spotify Stories December 3, 2018

expiredStudents can score 3 months of Spotify Premium, Hulu & Showtime for only $3 ($15 value)

Having spare cash to afford all the online subscriptions you’d like as a student can be difficult sometimes, but Spotify’s latest promotion is making it more affordable. Students with a valid .edu email can now score three months of Spotify Premium along with Hulu and Showtime for just $0.99 per month. That would normally cost you a total of $15, with today’s offer saving you $12 and matching our previous mention. So whether you’re in need of some good study music to help make it through final exams or want to catch up on your favorite shows, at under $1, this deal is hard to pass up. Head below for the terms and conditions.

Spotify Stories October 31, 2018

Spotify offers a FREE Google Home Mini when you sign-up for a premium account

Spotify is currently offering a FREE Google Home Mini when you sign-up for a Spotify Premium Family account starting tomorrow, November 1st. You’ll need to be a new subscriber to Spotify’s $15 per month plan. Simply head over to this landing page to redeem your free Google Home Mini, which is a $30+ value. Spotify is also introducing new Google Home features as a part of today’s announcement, including voice control and more. If you’d rather wait until Black Friday, we’re expecting to see Google Home Mini fall to under $20 in November.

Spotify Stories September 4, 2018

expiredSave $10 off a $60 Spotify Gift Card: $50, more from $8.50

LoadUp Gifts via Rakuten is offering the $60 Spotify Gift Card for $50 with free email delivery when code ELDORADO has been applied during checkout. Note: You’ll need to be logged in to your free Rakuten account to apply this code. That’s $10 off the going rate found at retailers like Best Buy and beats our previous mention by $1. Considering that Spotify Premium costs $10/month, this gift card will net you 6 months of service at the cost of 5. Scroll down to find more denominations on sale.

Spotify Stories August 29, 2018

Spotify has announced today that it is adding even more value to its already fantastic student plan that includes the music streaming service and Hulu for just $5/month. For US students who sign up this fall, they’ll be getting Showtime thrown in as well.

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Spotify Stories February 24, 2016

Spotify and the gym go hand-in-hand. Full access to nearly every artist (except Yeezy) and curated playlists make for a perfect pair. That said, getting “swole” isn’t exactly conducive to having an iPhone 6s Plus in your pocket. Sure there are some handy armbands designed for workouts but even those can leave your device exposed.

Funny thing is, Apple solved this issue a few years back with the iPod shuffle. Problem is, you’re limited to the songs within your iTunes library. A new Kickstarter campaign seems to have solved this issue. The Mighty Streaming Music Device combines your favorite Spotify playlists with an iPod Shuffle-like design. How does it work? Is it legal? All that and more below.

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Spotify Stories November 16, 2015

Mass Fidelity tries to solve virtual stereo sound with its new Core wireless speaker

It’s no surprise that multi-room speaker systems are set to break out this holiday season as a must-have gift. SONOS and others have been working for years to bring this technology to the mass market, fighting familiar names like AirPlay and Bluetooth along the way. Now, the whole home speaker market is set to blow up.

Mass Fidelity’s Core wireless speaker system wants a piece of that pie. After raising over 1.5 million dollars on Indiegogo, it’s prepared to launch its speaker system to the world. By using its “holographic” sound system, Core is able to produce a virtual stereo sound system that it claims is unrivaled in the home audio space. More details below.

Spotify Stories November 15, 2015

Amazon currently offers the 2-Room SONOS PLAY:1 Streaming Music Starter Set for $349 with free shipping. It would cost you $400 if you were to buy both of the included speakers individually at their regular price of $199.99 each. Aside from a few random discounts and another Starter Set promotion, we rarely see any deals across the entire Sonos speaker lineup. According to Sonos, this discounted Starter Set will only be available for a “limited time”. Matched at, Best Buy, and Target.

PLAY:1’s high-quality sound is driven by two Class-D digital amplifiers, one tweeter, and one mid-woofer. Add this Starter Set to a Sonos PLAYBAR and SUB to create a “true surround sound experience.” With access to a seemingly endless amount of online music services, including Spotify, Pandora, Deezer, and Google Play Music, the best-selling PLAY:1 is a solid foundation for your dream multi-room wireless music system. Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars from 1,899 Amazon reviewers. expand full story

Spotify Stories October 20, 2015

Libratone Wi-Fi-enabled speakers have been around for some time, with a Scandinavian-inspired design and quality build. Its ZIPP line of speakers have offered Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity for a while now. Today, Libratone announced a smattering of new portable speakers focused on multi-room audio. Head below for more details on the new ZIPP and ZIPP Mini.

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Spotify Stories October 14, 2015

As if we needed another streaming service in our lives. Well, according to the new Electric Jukebox, we do. The space between our headphones has become a battleground for services like Spotify, Apple Music and Pandora. But for some, keeping track of all the features and monthly billing proves to be a bit much.

Instead of offering a streaming library across iOS, Android and other platforms with varying degrees of hardware compatibility, Electric Jukebox is rolling it all into one experience. Think Chromecast meets Spotify, kind of…

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Spotify Stories September 29, 2015

Bose is amongst our favorite audio manufacturers for Bluetooth speakers and home theater equipment. Today, news comes way of a fresh version of its popular SoundTouch 10 Bluetooth and Wi-Fi speaker system. The new SoundTouch 10 speaker will offer both mediums of connectivity and also serves as a means for piecing together a multi-room audio setup.

Today’s announcement comes on the heels of a big day at SONOS, that yielded a refreshed PLAY:5 speaker. Read on to find out how the latest Bose offering stacks up.  expand full story

Spotify Stories September 14, 2015

Over the last few years, I have become a huge proponent of multi-room audio systems. The ability to play one song in unison across my home or hand-pick from a variety of sources in each space is one of my favorite technology advancements over the last few years. While AirPlay systems can be tweaked to recreate this setup, it doesn’t offer the same refined experience as SONOS and the like.

Kickstarter veteran, Hidden Radio Design, is back with a new whole home speaker system that actively accounts for the shape and size of each room. After raising over 1.6 million dollars on two prior campaigns, the focus has now shifted to the HiddenHUB, an omnidirectional speaker system that aims to knock off some of the biggest names in audio.

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Spotify Stories July 21, 2015

expiredBose SoundTouch Portable Series II Wireless Music System: Black $269 shipped (Reg. $325)

Amazon offers the Bose SoundTouch Portable Series II Wireless Music System in black for $269 or white for $279.95 shipped. That’s a savings of 30%+ off the original listing, $56 better than the regular price and the best current offering.

Aside from the quality of the Bose name brand, these Wi-Fi enabled portable speakers can playback media from a variety of sources including your own personal library, Spotify, Pandora and others. Audio is controlled by the included remote or the SoundTouch app for computers, smartphones or tablets. These Bose speakers can be paired together across your home for multiple zones with different sources playing on each individual SoundTouch.

Amazon users rate these speakers 3.9/5 stars.

Spotify Stories May 20, 2015

After years of dominating the whole home audio space, SONOS is finding more and more competition every month it seems. Electronics maker Hitachi has announced that it is launching a new trio of wireless speakers that crowds the product category even further. It has included many features that SONOS lacks and is attempting to undercut them significantly on price… expand full story

Spotify Stories May 17, 2015

Update (5/18 12:30pm): Amazon has matched this pricing on the SONOS PLAY:1 two room starter kit for $349 with free shipping.

Crutchfield is making it easier than ever to get into the world of wireless whole home audio. The online retailer is offering two SONOS PLAY:1 speakers in white or black for $349 shipped. These regularly go for $199 individually and today’s deal delivers a savings of roughly $25 per speaker. This is within a few dollars of the best price we’ve seen for an individual PLAY:1 and the lowest current offer. Crutchfield’s excellent service and support are an added bonus to this deal.

These speakers are widely respected by consumers as an excellent bridge into the SONOS ecosystem. The PLAY:1’s feature two class D tuned amplifiers, one 3.5″ mid-woofer and a tweeter. The humidity-resistant design allows for the speaker to be placed in a bathroom or outside on humid days. With access to a variety of music sources, such as Spotify, Pandora and Beats Music, the PLAY:1 is a solid option for starting a whole home wireless music system.

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Spotify Stories April 30, 2015

There’s no other way to slice it — streaming services are the future of music. The days of walking into a CD store (remember Sam Goody?) are long gone and most people don’t even bother with iTunes downloads anymore. And as of right now, Spotify is running away with the streaming music crown.

It’ll usually cost you $9.99 per month to have access to Spotify’s full set of features, but for a limited time new subscribers can jump on the streaming bandwagon for just $0.99… expand full story

Spotify Stories April 22, 2015

Update (4/23 3:40pm): Apple has officially named djay 2 as its Free App of the Week.

Whether you’re a professional DJ or just enjoy spinning for your backyard parties, we’ve got a serious price drop on a very popular app today. For the first time since it’s release, iPad has gone free, it regularly goes for $10. djay 2 for iPhone has also dropped its price to free, for just the second time (Reg. $3).


This full-featured DJ app puts users in complete control of the party with integrated support for Spotify and iTunes, enabling users to spin the latest hits anywhere. All you need to do is hook up your device to a sound system and djay 2 will enable you to perform live, create and record mixes or simply sit back and the let the app do the work for you.

djay 2 brings life to the party with a number of included audio effects with additional in-app purchases adding more custom mixing options. Not only is the feature list long, this app has all the connectivity and interface abilities that professionals would hope for. Bluetooth and AirPlay remove the need for a wired setup while popular MIDI controllers from Pioneer, Philips and many more are supported. Algoriddim has partnered with other companies to create hardware specifically designed for the djay 2 app that will help get you started.

Head over to our daily games and apps roundup for the latest deals on iOS, Android and consoles.

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