Steam Stories Yesterday

Sony just announced an update to its KOOV Educator Kit, which first was launched back in 2018. This KOOV system is built as a tool for educators, offering a “comprehensive solution for delivering quality science, technology, engineering, art, and math education accessible to students of all skill levels.” What’s new in the latest KOOV Trial Kit? Keep reading to find out more.

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Steam Stories October 10

Steam, the main PC gaming eStore, will soon allow you to play local-only multiplayer games with friends over the internet. How, you might ask? Well, through a client-side update, of course! Valve, through a software update called Remote Play Together, will soon enable the ability to play what were once local-only multiplayer games with friends over the internet.

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Steam Stories July 12

If you’re a Steam user, you know that the Steam Store is filled with plenty of indie games and AAA titles alike. Finding the next game to play is never easy when you’re in-between big releases or waiting for the next title, like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, to drop. That’s where Steam’s latest AI-powered tool comes to play. The Interactive Recommender from Steam will offer suggestions on what games to play next based on your play history to give you a fully custom list of titles to explore. Plus, you can change the filters, going from popular titles to niche, and from older games to new.

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Steam Stories April 15

Octopath Traveler for Steam is on its way. Square Enix’s throwback title released last summer for Nintendo Switch and has since received solid reviews for its old school-style RPG gameplay. The 2D-like visuals were only available on Nintendo’s hit hybrid console, but now it will finally open its arms to PC gamers in a couple months time. expand full story

Steam Stories November 7, 2018

expiredRebuild humanity in Civilization Beyond Earth from just $10 on Mac (Reg. $40)

Today we have a solid deal on Civilization Beyond Earth for Mac. The regularly $40 game is now on sale for $19.99. Outside of a brief sale in 2017, this is matching the lowest we have tracked on the Mac App Store, but you can get it for even less right now. If you don’t mind a Steam code, Mac users can grab the game for just $9.99. That’s a few bucks under the Mac App store all-time low and great chance to jump in. While reviews are somewhat mixed here, the Civilization games have been a staple in gaming for years and are some of the best in the genre. More details below. 

Steam Stories July 5, 2018

expiredGrab Civilization V & Beyond Earth from $7.50 on Mac right now (Reg. up to $40)

After seeing a notable deal on Assassin’s Creed Identity this morning, we also have a pair of price drops on Civilization games for Mac. Both Civilization: Beyond Earth and Civilization V for Mac are down at their lowest prices this year on the Mac App Store. However, if you don’t mind playing them via Steam, both titles are even lower (starting from $7.50) as part of the Summer Sale. We have never seen Civ V drop this low on the Mac App Store. They combine for a 4+ star rating from thousands. Head below for the deals.

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