World Backup Day deals arrive early with new lows on WD NAS-grade hard drives from $47

Save $100 From $47

World Backup Day is less than a week away, and if you’re looking to get ahead of all the data retention best practice action next week, Amazon is rolling out a series of discounts across WD’s lineup of NAS-grade internal hard drives at up to $100 off. Shipping is free across the board. Ranging from its best-in-class Red series drives made ideally for use in Synology and other NAS to enterprise offerings and more, everything in today’s sale is either sitting at the best price to date overall or the lowest of 2022 so far, all starting at $47. We’ve broken down the entire list of hard drive discounts below, which you can shop before World Backup Day arrives with some more consumer-level deals.

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Kingston XS2000 SSD lands with pocket-friendly size, USB 3.2 Gen 2×2, 2,000MB/s speeds, more

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While the latest Thunderbolt specification continues to wear the crown when it comes to data transfer speeds, USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 is more versatile with no need to get Intel involved. This makes the new Kingston XS2000 solid-state drive lineup a great alternative for folks on the AMD bandwagon. When connected to a Windows, macOS, or Chrome OS-powered device with support for the USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 specification, Kingston promises up to 2,000MB/s transfer speeds. Best of all, it’s incredibly compact, measuring roughly 2.7 by 1.3 by 0.5 inches and weighting in at just over an ounce. Continue reading to learn more.

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Should you build your own NAS or buy one? Unraid vs. TrueNAS vs. Synology

While we’ve talked about network attached storage (NAS) devices many times, and we’ve taken an in-depth look at Blair’s massive 80 TB setup, we’ve never really looked at why you should pick different storage systems. Synology is quite popular, but so is TrueNAS and Unraid. If you’ve not heard of the latter two, however, nobody could blame you. However, in our guide today, we’re going to review Unraid vs. Synology vs. TrueNAS in the ultimate showdown to see which is the best for various different storage setups.

Essentially, Synology is synonymous with simple, easy-to-use hardware and software that you can pick up at most major electronics retailers, plug in, and be up and running. However, TrueNAS and Unraid are software that you install on existing hardware that’s already sitting at your home or business, which makes entry much easier for many folks on lower budgets. Do any of these options sound interesting to you? If so, then let’s take a closer look at why you should have a NAS, and which you should choose down below in our head-to-head Unraid vs. Synology vs. TrueNAS review.

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Upgraded Samsung 980 NVMe SSDs launch with faster speeds, lower price

From $50

Technological upgrades tend to present a higher cost to customers, but there are times when this is not the case. The latest Samsung 980 NVMe solid-state drives are a perfect example of this. The company is purging the use of DRAM for the first time, a change that will result in a lower list price than its predecessor. Up to this point Samsung could not lose DRAM without sacrificing speed. This has changed thanks to the Host Memory Buffer technology. The result is a cost that kicks off from $50. Despite this, this lineup offers up to 3,500MB/s performance. Continue reading to learn more.

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New WD_BLACK Call of Duty storage drives arrive in three different packages

Western Digital has historically delivered quite a few gamer-focused products. In fact, its WD_BLACK lineup is aimed squarely at them. This is further emphasized by the release of three special edition storage drives that debuted earlier today. P10, P50, and SN850 will receive the WD_BLACK Call of Duty treatment, providing a way for PC and console gamers alike to show off their love for the game. Today’s announcement comes three days after the debut of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. Continue reading to learn more.

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Western Digital’s new SanDisk Extreme USB-C SSD lineup has 2,000MB/s speeds

Western Digital has unveiled refreshed SanDisk Extreme solid-state drives that double the performance found in its previous-generation offerings. Both SanDisk Extreme and Extreme PRO retain a familiar design despite receiving an impressive speed upgrade. According to SanDisk, this feat had been made possible, thanks to new and improved NVMe technology. The base model boasts 1,050MB/s read and up to 1,000MB/s write performance while the PRO offering clocks in at 2,000MB/s for both read and write. Continue reading to learn more.

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Samsung 8TB SSD debuts in 2.5-inch form-factor, doubling previous capacity

When it comes to consumer storage, the new Samsung 8TB SSD has set a fresh milestone. It comes in a 2.5-inch form-factor and is said to offer read and write speeds of up to 560MB/s and 530MB/s, respectively. This model is a part of the second-generation Samsung 870 QVO lineup and doubles the overall capacity from 4TB to 8TB. Each unit is backed by Samsung for three years or up to 2,880 terabytes written, whichever comes first. Continue reading to learn more.

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