Super Mario All-Stars Stories February 17, 2016

Nintendo Select best sellers on the way w/ new low prices: Donkey Kong, Mario 3D World, Zelda OoT 3D, many more

Update (2/29 10:53am): Nintendo has now officially confirmed the new Select titles. Here in the US they will go for $19.99 each at various retailers come March 11th.

As you likely already know, Nintendo’s first party titles tend to hold their value and rarely go on sale (sometimes they end up above the original price tag!). This is where Nintendo Selects comes in. It is essentially a program that reprints older Nintendo titles and makes them available at a usually much lower price point. For example, Super Mario 3D World for Wii U still goes for between $48 and $60 (or more!), but will be about half that when it re-releases.

Super Mario All-Stars Stories June 22, 2015

It took more than half-a-decade to knit this highly detailed replica Super Mario Bros. map

After more than 800 hours (spread across 6+ years) of crocheting and research, Norwegian computer programmer and skydiving champion Kjetil Nordin now has a giant replica Super Mario Bros 3 map made of yarn. While I guess there are many people that could knit a giant Mario Bros. map, and in a lot less than 6 years, Nordin went the extra distance.

It looks as though the piece is an exact replica of the World 1 map from the Super Mario All-Stars version of Super Mario Bros. 3. Not only does each element appear to be done with extreme care and detail, but Nordin spent a ton of effort sourcing yarn that is the exact same colors as the game. He apparently scrapped a large portion of the design, when the water surrounding the castle didn’t turn out to be the right color once assembled.

Here are some more shots of the piece along with a funny animation courtesy of a Reddit user. This certainly makes me want to see some vintage Mario Bros. DLC for Yoshi Wooly World.

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