This is a big week for Canon fans and camera enthusiasts everywhere. Canon has announced two ultra-high-resolution premium full-frame DSLRs, two powerful entry-level DSLRs, and two pocket-sized zoom cameras, all of which are now available for preorder. Since their release dates are staggered across Spring, and demand is likely to be high, this is a great time to get in line for these big releases. What’s new?

The Canon EOS 5DS ($3,699) and EOS 5DS R ($3,899) are the world’s highest-megapixel full-frame cameras, each with a brand-new 50.6-Megapixel sensor. Optimized for commercial, studio, portrait, landscape and architectural photography, these DSLRs capture over twice the detail of the already amazing 5D Mark 3, shooting at up to 5FPS and using advanced autofocus and image stabilization systems to capture fine detail. The R version eliminates the low-pass filter found in Canon’s other cameras, increasing image sharpness for natural and architectural images. Ritz Camera is offering preorders of the 5DS here and the 5DS R here for June delivery. There are also new entry-level DSLRs and pocket cameras to check out below the fold…

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