Tabs Stories February 7, 2018

The desire to keep tabs on our homes while away seems to have been on everyone’s minds throughout last year, with DIY home monitoring and security systems growing to fill the demand. Just about all of the solutions on the market are geared towards smart home owners, tinkerers and just all-around tech-savvy folks. But as we covered at the beginning of the January, Tabs is a new security solution with simplicity at the forefront of its design.

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Tabs Stories January 9, 2018

Update: Tabs is now available for purchase directly from their site and has bypassed its Kickstarter campaign. The first batch of orders are said to be arriving in the coming weeks, so early adopters will have the new system in their hands much sooner than expected.

It seems like all of the more recent connected-DIY home security systems focus on one main thing, thwarting potential break-ins. Of course that’s all well and good, but what about parents who just want to remotely make sure their children have made it home safely from school? That’s where Tabs comes in, a home monitoring solution geared towards families.

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