Tamagotchi Smart watch celebrates 25 years of kids accidentally killing their digital pets

Tamagotchi is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, and I am way too young to feel old writing that sentence. Regardless, to honor the fact that these 8-bit pocket pets are now of car-rental age, Tamagotchi has a special release planned. And fans of the original can rejoice knowing that, yes, their prayers have finally been answered. If they’ve been praying for a Tamagotchi smartwatch, that is. The new Tamagotchi Smart brings a colorful pet to your wrist with new ways to interact, including a touchscreen and voice capabilities. Hit the jump to keep reading.

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Two new Tamagotchi styles attempt to revive ‘time-tested fun’ of the ’90s

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Most of us that grew up in the ’90s remember owning a Tamagotchi or envying someone that did. Loads of kids (and adults) were quickly overtaken by these gadgets and couldn’t wait to have a virtual pet of their own. Once you got one, the work began with hatching your character and caring for it from then on. This is precisely the kind of interaction we can anticipate from two new Flower Gingham and Candy Swirl Tamagotchis. While both models have a new look, these still function just like the originals, allowing us to tap into some nostalgia and maybe even pass some of that on to the next generation. Continue reading to learn more.

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