technology Stories November 9, 2015

expired40% off select S.T.E.M Toys: Magformers $30, K’NEX from $10, Erector sets $18, more

Today only as part of its early-access one day Black Friday sale, Target offers 40% off select S.T.E.M Toys.

The S.T.E.M. movement is perhaps one of the most important trends in toys in decades. STEM is actually an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. It’s these skills that kids must adopt in order to stay relevant in today’s tech-centric world.

Here are our picks from the over 200+ STEM toys on sale from Target:

Also for today only, Amazon offers 40% off Magformers learning toys. The best seller out of the bunch is the Rainbow 30 Piece Set for $29.99 Prime shipped. That’s $20 off the regular price and the lowest we can find. The set contains the exact number required to build the classic magic ball. It’s made with high quality and super powerful magnets. Parents, it’s also a perfect set for traveling because the pieces stick together. 650 Amazon customers gave it 4.7/5 stars.

technology Stories November 6, 2013

expired1 year magazine subscriptions: Popular Science: $5 (Reg. $48), Forbes: $20 (Reg. $104)

We got some solid 1 year magazine subscription deals today again via DiscountMags with up to 89% in savings. You can grab Popular Science for $5 (w/ code 9TO5TOYS), which is $43 off the newsstand listing, $7 off the already heavily discounted price, and matches our lowest mention beyond mutli-year/subscription bundle deals. We also have Forbes Magazine for $20 today using code 9TO5TOYS, that’s $84 better than the newsstand price, $10 off the sale price and again matching our lowest mention on the popular business mag.

DiscountMags deals are only available in the US, where it offers free delivery, no sales tax, and subs are never auto renewed without your direct consent.

Popular Science Magazine 1-year subscription: $5 w/ code “9TO5TOYS“ (Reg. $48 newsstand price) – Up to 3 years

The ‘What’s New'” magazine of science and technology. Covering the latest developments in cars, electronics, communications, tools, energy, aviation, science, space exploration and much more.

Forbes Magazine 1-year subscription: $20 w/ code “9TO5TOYS“ (Reg. $104 newsstand price) – 1 year

Forbes tells you what is really happening in the business world. Each issue offers in-depth business profiles and market conditions, interviews with industry leaders, money & investing tips, international news, and guides to living better and healthier. This magazine subscription has regular coverage of technology, services, healthcare, careers, and the markets. Forbes helps you make sense of the business world.

technology Stories September 27, 2013

1-year magazine subscriptions: Wired w/digital access: $5 (Reg. $60), Architectural Digest: $6, Sound & Vision: $4.50

Update: These deals are now over!  Don’t miss out next time.  Follow 9to5Toys for all the latest deals… TwitterRSS FeedFacebookGoogle+

In today’s mag deals you get another shot to pick up Wired for $5, along with great deals on Architectural Digest and Sound & Vision Magazine. Today you can pick up a full 1 year subscription to the popular Wired Magazine for just $5 with free delivery in the US and digital access. That is $55 off the newsstand price and an additional $15 off of DiscountMags’ sale price. Next up is a one year sub to Architectural Digest for $6 which is $54 off the newsstand and $18 off the sale price. Last up is a 1 year sub to Sound & Vision Magazine, which features “authoritative information,” reviews and buyers guides on home theaters, audio, multimedia and video gear, for just $4.50 ($45.50 off the newsstand, $7.50 off the already discounted price)

With DiscountMags, there is no sales tax and the subs are never subject for automatic renewal. This deal is only available in the US.

technology Stories September 25, 2013

Roku LT-Roku 1-Roku 2-new models-announced-01Roku has just announced a refreshed line up of devices, that includes updated models of its lower end streaming boxes. While the Roku 3 has been leading the way in the set-top box market place alongside the Apple TV, today the company announced the new Roku LT as well as the Roku 1 and Roku 2 which will replace the Roku HD and Roku 2 XD (via Wired).

The new models will come along with all the content the boxes normally come with, including access to over 1000 different content channels or apps from within the Roku Channel Store. With access to apps like Amazon Instant Video and Crackle, many feel this is where the platform carries an interesting advantage over Apple TV.

Another interesting addition to the system is the M-Go video service partnership the company has now announced. It appears as though Roku is stepping into the content space without having to implement its own content service. With M-Go, users can rent or purchase movies and TV Shows with the purchases connected to your existing Roku account.

Roku LT-Roku 1-Roku 2-M-Go-movies-01

Pre-orders are available now for the new Roku boxes on the official site and through Amazon, with units expected to hit store shelves in October. The 720p Roku LT starts at $50, the 1080p Roku 1 will be available for $60 and the $80 Roku 2 comes with 1080p, dual-band wireless options, and a slick little headphone jack in the remote. Even though the new models don’t come with the motion-control remote and the Ethernet port like the Roku 3 (which is currently $5 off on Amazon), the company has added composite input options to make up for it.

technology Stories September 16, 2013

1-year magazine subscriptions: Architectural Digest: $6 (Reg. $60), Entrepreneur: $4.50 (Reg. $60), Digital Photo: $5 (Reg. $45)

Update 2: Sold out!  Don’t miss out next time.  Follow 9to5Toys for all the latest deals… TwitterRSS FeedFacebookGoogle+

Update:  The Arts & Crafts Homes and Apple Magazine deals are now over. Architectural Digest for $6 is still available again today, with 1 year subs to Entrepreneur Magazine for $4.50 and Digital Photo Magazine for $5. Remember to use promo code “9TO5TOYS“ to redeem the discounts.

This week we will have a steady stream of more amazing mag deals, starting off with 1-year subs to Architectural Digest for just $6 ($54 off) and Arts & Crafts Homes Magazine for $7 ($21 off) . Both discounted subscriptions are available using promotion code: 9TO5TOYS at checkout. DiscountMags offers come with no sales tax, and there is no auto renewal process at all. The company only delivers within the US. We also have a great deal on digital access to Apple Magazine today for $20, more info below.

Architectural Digest 1-year subscription: $6 w/ code “9TO5TOYS“ (Reg. $60 newsstand price) – Up to 3 years

Architectural Digest explores the homes of talented designers and architects. Each issue is filled with full-color photographs that highlight inspirational aspects of their homes, has in-depth interviews with the owners, and commentary by experts. Special features include art, travel, and home electronics. This magazine subscription will inspire your next design idea or home renovation.

technology Stories September 10, 2013

1-year magazine subscriptions: Maxim: $3.50 (Reg. $48), Shutterbug: $10 (Reg. $48)

Update: Deal is now over!  Today’s deals include 1-year subscriptions to Motor Trend Magazine for $4.50 and Home Business Magazine for $6.50remember to use promo code “9TO5TOYS, to redeem the discountsDon’t miss out next time.  Follow 9to5Toys for all the latest deals… TwitterRSS FeedFacebookGoogle+

Today, the discounted mag deals continue with one-year subscriptions to Maxim Magazine for just $3.50 and the popular photography mag Shutterbug for $10. Shutterbug has a regular newsstand listing of $48, so that is $38 off the regular listing and even 50% off the already discounted price of $20. Next up is Maxim, again this sub will run you $48 at the newsstand, so you’re getting a savings of $44.50 off the newsstand listing and $9.50 off the already discounted price from DiscountMags. Both subscriptions are available at the discounted rate for up to 4 years, come with no sales tax and are available for today only. DiscountMags only delivers within the US and these subscriptions will not be auto renewed without your direct approval.

Maxim Magazine 1-year subscription: $3.50 w/ code “9TO5TOYS“ (Reg. $48 newsstand price) – Up to 4 years

Maxim is an edgy men’s magazine suggested for mature audiences only.  Each issue is packed with candid photos, interviews, sex tips and articles about sports, entertainment, gadgets and more. Written in a funny and entertaining style it’s sure to have you kicking back, relaxing, and laughing. This magazine subscription brings it all together in one place, why look anywhere else?

Shutterbug Magazine 1-year subscription: $10 w/ code “9TO5TOYS“ (Reg. $48 newsstand price) – Up to 4 years

Shutterbug Magazine is for the camera enthusiast. Shutterbug Magazine tells you what to buy, where to buy it, and how much to pay as far as cameras are concerned. Shutterbug advises you on how to shop around for cameras and everything else related to photographic equipment.

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