Details and images of Bethesda’s Starfield companion Smartwatch surface

Starfield Smartwatch hero

We are getting another look at what will presumably be the soon-to-be officially announced Starfield Smartwatch. Starfield is the next big RPG from Bethesda – think Elder Scrolls in space, but likely even bigger – that’s set for release at the end of the year and now looks as though it might very well have a real-world companion smartwatch to go along with the experience. We seemingly caught a brief glimpse of the Starfield Smartwatch back in summer 2021 as part the “Into the Starfield: The Journey Begins” video Bethesda released to hype up its next open-world experience, but new details have recently surfaced with an even better look and more information on what is hopefully more than just a game-branded smartwatch. Head below for more. 

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