Tile Stories October 2

expiredBuy a 4-pack of Tile Trackers from Best Buy and get a FREE Google Home Mini from $35

Best Buy is offering a FREE Google Home Mini with the purchase of select Tile Tracker 4-packs. Prices start at $34.99 with free in-store pickup or delivery over $35. Even with the base value, you’re looking at $50 for the Home Mini and $35 for the Tile’s, making the total value $85 at a minimum. All you have to do to redeem this promo is add the Tile Tracker 4-pack and Google Home Mini to your cart and the discount will automatically apply.

Tile Stories September 28

expiredOutfit your entire home with Tile Mate Trackers: 8-pack $43.50 (Reg. $75+)

Amazon offers the Tile Mate 8-pack for $43.58 shipped. Regularly $100 or more at Amazon, today’s deal is easily a new all-time low price there. For comparison, Tile charges $75 direct. This is a great way to outfit your home, backpacks, wallets and more with Tile’s Bluetooth trackers. These nifty accessories pair with your iPhone or Android device and provide live tracking data for just about anything. I have a Tile Mate on my car keys and in my wallet, two things that easily get lost. Rated 3.8/5 stars.

Tile Stories September 26

Amazon is currently offering a four-pack of second-generation Tile Bluetooth Item Finders for $27.99 shipped. Having just dropped from closer to $45, that’s good for a nearly 40% discount and the lowest we’ve seen it sell for at Amazon. These trackers pair to your smartphone and are perfect for adding to your keychain, backpack, luggage, or anything else you want to keep track of. A creative way to put these to use is adhering one to your TV remote, so locating it is just a few taps away. Nearly 7,900 shoppers have left a 3.9/5 star rating.

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Deals still live from yesterday:

  • 9to5Toys readers can pick up Elevation Lab’s iPhone CordDock for $28 w/ this exclusive code
  • Wrap your new iPhone XS in the OtterBox Defender Series Case for $22 (Reg. $35+)
  • Lumsing 20W Quick Charge 2-Port Wall Charger: $5 (Reg. $11) | Amazon
    • w/ code DD654945
  • Dodocool Wireless Transmitter Receiver: $11 (Reg. $20) | Amazon
    • w/ code 2SZVGGQE
  • Caseology Parallax iPhone XS Case: $3 (Reg. $14) | Amazon
    • w/ code 80PDJATL
  • Caseology Wavelength iPhone XR Case: $3 (Reg. $14) | Amazon
    • w/ code 80PDJATL

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Tile Stories July 27

expiredA four-pack of Tile Item Finders have never sold for less at Amazon: $30 (25% off)

Amazon offers a four-pack of Tile Mate Bluetooth Item Finders for $30 shipped. Normally that’s good for a 25% discount from the regular going rate, beats our previous mention by $5 and is the lowest we’ve seen them sell for at Amazon. For comparison, Best Buy currently has some discounted to $34. Rated 4.5/5 stars from over 2,400 shoppers.

Tile Stories July 6

expiredSmartphone Accessories: Tile Bluetooth Item Finder four-pack $35 shipped, more

Update 7/9 @ 9:15am: Amazon has dropped the price of the Tile 4-pack to $33.95, the lowest it’s ever sold for.

Amazon offers a four-pack of Tile Bluetooth Item Finders for $34.99 shipped. Normally selling for $50 direct from Tile, that saves you $15 and is a new all-time low at Amazon. For comparison, Home Depot has the next best offer at $47. Tile’s Bluetooth trackers make it easy to quickly find your keys, wallet or any other misplaced item with just your smartphone. Rated 4/5 stars from over 7,800 shoppers.

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Deals still live from yesterday:

Tile Stories June 22

expiredScore a four-pack of 2nd gen. Tile Item Finders at $40 shipped (20% off)

Newegg Flash offers a four-pack of second generation Tile Item Finders for $39.99 shipped. Normally selling for just under $50 at Amazon, that’s good for a 20% discount and is the lowest we’re seeing. For comparison, it has never dropped below $48 on Amazon before. Rated 4/5 stars from over 7,800 shoppers.

Tile Stories June 5

expiredFind lost items w/ Tile Sport 4-pack for $71 shipped at Amazon

Amazon offers the Tile Sport Key Finder (Graphite) 4 Pack for $70.90 shipped. Normally these trackers run $25/each, and this is the lowest we’ve tracked for the 4-pack on Amazon. These item finders are great for keeping track of lost purses, keys, and more. Rated 3.7/5 stars.

Tile Stories May 1

expiredThese Tile trackers help find your lost purse, gym bag, more from $17 Prime shipped

Amazon is currently running a sale on Tile Style Gold trackers and Tile Sport Graphite trackers. Starting with the Style trackers, a 1-pack is currently $17.02 Prime shipped while buying two at once will run you just $44.99 shipped. Normally $35 for a single one and $60 for two, this is the lowest we’ve tracked and the best available. If you want to keep track of your purse, luggage, or anything else, this is a great option. Rated 3.7/5 stars from hundreds.

Tile Stories April 9

expiredTile Mate & Slim Item Finder 4-Pack hits new Amazon low at $50 shipped (Reg. $60)

Amazon offers the Tile Mate & Slim Item Finder Combo 4-Pack for $49.99 shipped. Also available at Best Buy. That’s good for a 17% discount, saves you $10 and is a new Amazon all-time low. Rated 4.5/5 stars from almost 700 Best Buy customers. 

Tile Stories February 14

expiredKeep track of your cash w/ Tile’s Money Clip & Slim from $18 Prime shipped

Amazon offers the Tile Money Clip for $18.13 Prime shipped. Normally up to $30, this is the lowest we’ve seen it offered. If you don’t have any Tile Slim trackers, there’s a 3-pack with adhesive on sale for just $27 shipped (Reg. $38). Over 55% of customers gave this a 4+ star rating.

Tile Stories February 9

expiredKeep track of up to 8 devices w/ a multi-pack of Tile Mate trackers for $59.50 (Reg. $110+)

Amazon offers the Tile Mate 8-pack for $59.62 shipped. Normally $110 or more for the kit and $50 for 4-packs, this is the best value we’ve seen by far. Rated 3.7/5 stars.

Tile Stories February 6

expiredMake sure you never misplace your wallet again: Tile Slim Tracker drops to $24

Amazon is currently offering the Tile Slim Item Tracker for $23.74. Prime members and orders of $25 or more can lock in free shipping. Normally selling for $30, such as at Target, that’s good for over a 20% discount and saves you $6. This is the lowest we’ve tracked since Spring 2017 and is within $1 of the all-time low. Rated 3.9/5 stars from over 1,600 customers.

Tile Stories January 31

expiredThis 4-pack of Tile Mate item trackers helps you find lost items: $41 (Reg. $50)

Amazon offers the 4-pack of Tile Mate item trackers for $41.14 shipped. Normally closer to $50 for the bundle and $20 for a single Tile, this is one of the best values we’ve seen. Rated 3.9/5 stars from over 7,600 Amazon customers. The single Tile unit is the #1 best-selling Amazon Launchpad wireless accessory, with the 4-pack coming in at a close #3, as well.

Tile Stories January 12

expiredKeep track of all your gear with this 8-pack of Tile Mate Item Finders for $99 (Reg. $130)

Amazon offers an 8-pack of Tile Mate Bluetooth Item Finders for $99 shipped. Regularly going for $130, that’s good for a savings of $31, is the best offer available and comes within $8 of the all-time low. For comparison, individual Tile Mate typically sell for $20 on their own. With over 7,400 customers leaving a 3.9/5 star rating, it’s a #1 best-seller.

Tile Stories September 18, 2015

Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m a bit of a chronic worrier, so naturally I jumped at the chance to try out Tile’s Bluetooth item tracker. Billed as an easy way to keep track of the things that mean most to you, Tile is like having Apple’s Find My iPhone feature for your entire life. The original Tile tracker launched in 2013 on the back of one of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns ever, having raised more than $2.6M.

Just last month Tile launched its second generation Tracker that’s pretty similar to the original, but is just different enough that it’s worth exploring. Stay tuned to find out if these new refinements make a real difference in helping you get your lost keys back… expand full story

Tile Stories August 19, 2015

Tile, the popular stick-anywhere Bluetooth tracker, has announced a new generation of its product. After selling more than two million units worldwide, it’s now time to upgrade the hardware with new features and improved software. This iteration has been redesigned to make sure that users are losing less and finding more of the things that are most important to them.

Head below for full details and to find out how you can order one today.

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Tile Stories June 2, 2015

Short of buying in bulk, Tile Bluetooth item trackers rarely go on sale. But today Amazon has a single Tile on sale for $20 Prime shipped, which is a 20% drop from its regular price of $25. This deal is only the second straight price drop we’ve seen for this handy gadget that’ll ensure you never lose your keys again.


Just attach Tile to any object and you’ll be able to track its whereabouts from your iPhone. It doesn’t have real-time GPS, but rather it works over Bluetooth across a 100-foot radius. The iOS or Android app automatically records the last known location of your Tile if it falls outside its coverage area. Tile’s battery is not replaceable and generally lasts about a year. 1,370 Amazon reviewers rate it 4 out of 5 stars. expand full story

Tile Stories March 16, 2015

Tile came out competitively priced at $25 per tracker, but the price hasn’t really budged since its release. You could opt to buy a multi-pack to get a lower per tracker price, but that’s not helpful if you’re just looking to try it out.

Our first documented price drop on a single Tile tracker is your opportunity to get into the game: Amazon is currently charging just $19.99 for one, a drop of 20% from its regular price of $25.

Tile helps you keep track of the things that matter most to you. Attach it to your keys, TV remote, suitcase, iPad and then you’ll be able to keep tabs on the item within a 100 ft. radius. Tile also remembers the last known location of a lost item so you’ll have a helpful starting point in locating lost items outside Tile’s reach. The iOS/Android app supports up to 8 Tiles. expand full story

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