Tovala’s all-new Smart Oven Air Fryer automatically prepares food with just a scan

Tovala Smart Oven Air Fryer

Have you been looking to bring more smart functionality to your kitchen? Well, now you’ll have another option with Tovala announcing its all-new Smart Oven Air Fryer. Coming in a sleek stone-gray finish, this oven air fryer has been designed to cook Tovala Meals and other food using its automated multi-mode cook cycles alongside the QR and barcode scanner for said Tovala Meals and standard store-bought foods. This allows the oven itself to configure all the settings for your food, virtually eliminating the planning and preparation it takes when cooking meals. This model is joining Tovala’s existing Smart Oven and adds a dedicated air frying mode. This new oven is available today and you can learn more about it below the fold.

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