Toy of the Day Stories March 28, 2017

Urbanears is known to many as the seller of nicely designed headphones at an affordable price. Today it introduced its first two models of Connected Speakers: the Stammen and the Baggen. Named after areas in Stockholm, location of Urbanears headquarters, these speakers share the same simple, fabric-covered design.

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Toy of the Day Stories July 16, 2014

slingbox-m1-slingtvFor years SlingBoxes have been the gold standard in placeshifting, which allows you to watch your costly cable service live on nearly any mobile device, desktop computer, or HDTV with a streaming media player. Since Aereo, a controversial cloud antenna broadcast service, was dealt a major blow last month, Slingboxes are your best option to enjoy live TV anywhere.

Late last night, Sling Media announced the SlingBox M1 and SlingTV, the return of its desktop apps, and a fresh update for its mobile apps…

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